Estonian parlt to again vote on pension reform

  • 2020-03-11
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - The Riigikogu is scheduled to take a new vote Wednesday on the pension reform bill that would make the accumulation of savings into a second-pillar pension fund voluntary, which President Kersti Kaljulaid refused to promulgate at the beginning of February.

The bill will be discussed and a new vote taken on it in a single sitting, Postimees reported. 

In the previous ballot at the end of January which the government had tied to a confidence vote, the bill was passed in the 101-seat chamber by a vote of 56 to 45. 

On Wednesday, each member of the Riigikogu can table one question for oral answer to both the parties -- the constitutional committee and the finance committee -- addressing the chamber on the draft legislation. In the deliberations that will start after the delivery of the reports and question and answer time, all members of the Riigikogu can express their opinion. 

If the pension reform bill doesn't get the necessary number of votes in favor this time, it will be possible to start the proceeding of the bill effectively from scratch. If the draft legislation is approved, it will again go to the president for proclamation, who will have 14 days to decide again whether to proclaim it or to refer it to the Supreme Court, which shall make the final decision.

Kaljulaid on Feb. 7 did not promulgate the law aiming to make the second pension pillar voluntary, citing several inconsistencies with the Constitution.

According to head of state, the so-called pension reform law disproportionately violates the fundamental rights of the people and is in many respects contrary to the principles of the rule of law and social state as well as the principles of legitimate expectations highlighted in the Constitution.