Estonian parlt gives Foreign Intelligence Service, ISS rights to defend their grounds

  • 2022-12-14
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN – The Riigikogu on Wednesday passed legislative amendments initiated by the government, which give the Foreign Intelligence Service and the Internal Security Service (ISS) rights to protect their territory and personnel to enable an appropriate response to threats until the arrival of the police.

The national security authorities will have the right to use law enforcement measures such as questioning, identification or detention to protect their territory and personnel. To this end, the security agencies are allowed to use physical force, special equipment, as well as weapons.

Direct coercion may only be used with regard to persons who are in or in the immediate vicinity of the security authority's territory and whose activities pose a danger to personnel. A method of response must be chosen which causes the least possible harm to the person causing the threat.

In addition, the law expands the right of the defense forces to put up armed resistance. It is part of the country's military defense, where the effectiveness of organizing armed resistance depends on preparations made in peacetime.

The other changes introduced by the amendments include changes to provisions concerning the regulation of data protection.