Estonian MP: New radar construction may require private capital

  • 2020-01-13
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - Lauri Laanemets, chairman of the Riigikogu support group for renewable energy and a member of the opposition Social Democratic Party (SDE), said that it is worth considering if wind farm developers should cover a part of the cost of radar construction.

"The northern part of East-Viru and Laane counties are very favorable locations for establishing wind farms. Common ground must be found here between national defense requirements and the interests of private operators and the local community. If the state does not have the instruments needed for installing additional radars, the option of using private capital must be considered. As entrepreneurs are interested in constructing wind farms, they could cover a part of the cost of new radars, which would free up nearby areas for wind farm construction," Laanemets said in a press release.

"Residents of rural areas should first and foremost be the ones who gain from Estonia's climate ambitions. If entrepreneurs wish to build wind turbines, they can only do so in cooperation with the local community," Laanemets said. "The local community must benefit from the development and this is were uniform rules should be put in place. Our goal is to devise together with the developers and local governments the principles based on which people will be compensated for the wind farms in their area."