Estonian govt decides to abolish mask obligation from Sunday

  • 2022-04-03
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - The Estonian government has decided that starting from Sunday, the country-wide mask obligation will no longer be in effect as the risk of the spread of the coronavirus has dropped to a moderate level, or level yellow, in all indicators.

A recommendation to wear a mask in crowded places will remain in effect, particularly for people in at-risk groups, spokespeople for the government said.

"This morning saw delivered some long-awaited news -- we've arrived at risk level yellow and can abolish the mask obligation already tomorrow," Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas said on Saturday.

"Starting from tomorrow, masks no longer have to be worn in public places. A recommendation will remain in place to wear a mask in crowded indoor spaces and on public transport, particularly for at-risk groups. The coronavirus is still around and infecting people. Over 1,000 people per day are still being diagnosed with the coronavirus and close to 30 people are hospitalized per day with severe illness. Therefore, let us remain cautious and caring also going forward and I request that people who have yet to receive their injection should get vaccinated. Starting from tomorrow, we'll be able to live without masks; however, what happens next depends on all of us."

Together with the abolition of the mask obligation, disinfection and dispersion requirements will likewise be annulled. It is still recommended, however, that people keep a distance from one another in crowded places and disinfect their hands.

As of Saturday, the coronavirus risk level has dropped from high to moderate, or level yellow. The seven-day average number of infections is 1,027 and the seven-day average number of new hospitalizations is 29.86.