Estonian government specifies restriction on movement after border-crossing

  • 2020-06-11
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN – The Estonian government has made an adjustment to its previous order to specify that to the people arriving in Estonia from countries of higher rates of COVID-19 infection a 14-day restriction on movement applies.

Where previously quarantine was required, the wording of the order was specified to define, in the interest of legal clarity, the restriction as a restriction on freedom of movement, spokespeople for the government said on Thursday.

Just like in the previously valid order, it is said in the amended order that the restriction on freedom of movement is applied for the duration of the incubation period of the disease, that is  for 14 days. 

This means a prohibition for said person to leave their home or the place of stay, unless when directed to do so by a healthcare professional or the police, or in the event of an emergency endangering their life or health. The person may also leave their home to receive a healthcare service or when it is not possible otherwise to obtain food, basic necessities or medicines.

The government did not change the list of persons permitted to enter Estonia upon crossing the national border. Nor were changes made to the exceptions to whom the requirement concerning the restriction on movement after entering the country does not apply. 

The order is valid from signature.