Estonian formin slams Hungarian PM's plan to meet with Putin

  • 2024-07-05
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - There is no justification for the plan of Viktor Orban, the prime minister of Hungary, which holds the presidency of the Council of the European Union, to meet with Putin, Estonian Foreign Minister Margus Tsahkna said.

"At the planned meeting, he is not representing the European Union and he does not have the approval of EU member states, including Estonia. Equally, the 'quick ceasefire' suggested by Orban during his meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy does not represent the positions of Estonia or the European Union. Viktor Orban's plan to meet with Putin and his 'ceasefire' proposal are diametrically opposed to the positions of Estonia and the European Union. This meeting will have no effect on EU policies," Tsahkna said.

"Ukraine is fighting for its sovereignty but also for the peace and long-term security of all of Europe, including Hungary, and paying with the lives of Ukrainians. Estonia and the European Union are working to make sure the Russian war machine is stopped, Ukraine wins the war and Russia is held accountable for the atrocities it has committed," he added.

"The Estonian parliament has declared Russia a terrorist regime. The International Criminal Court, to which Hungary is party, has issued an arrest warrant for Putin for war crimes. History has shown that aggressors are deterred by resolve, not kowtowing," the foreign minister said.

"The position of the European Union is unequivocal -- Russia must immediately end its military aggression in Ukraine and withdraw its forces from Ukraine. The European Union supports the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. Perpetrators of aggression and other crimes must be held accountable, not greeted with sycophantic handshakes," he added.