Estonian defmin: US, Iran deescalated tensions

  • 2020-01-09
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - Commenting on a statement by US President Donald Trump on the confrontation with Iran, Estonian Minister of Defense Juri Luik said on the "Ringvaade" program of ETV public television that Trump has de-escalated tensions and that the United States will likely not respond with military action.

"Trump underscored that Iran has clearly attempted to de-escalate the confrontation and the United States, too, will focus on political and economic sanctions as well as on work in international organizations," Luik said.

The defense minister emphasized the US president's call on NATO to become much more involved in the Middle-East.

"In short, there will be no military reaction from the United States, and this, of course, creates a situation where this confrontation  can be de-escalated significantly," he said.

Luik said that the early warning system at the US base in Iraq worked very well and Iran's ballistic missile attack was not intended to to kill any soldiers or civilians.

"This was also Iran's wish to show on the one hand that they can indeed take military action, but on the other hand, they also sought to avoid causing casualties," Luik said.