Estonian defense chief discusses preparations for Siil 2022 large-scale military exercise

  • 2018-09-12
  • LETA/TBT Staff

TALLINN - The commander of the Estonian defense forces Gen. Riho Terras met with the command of the 2nd Infantry Brigade to discuss preparations for the large-scale military exercise Siil 2022 (Hedgehog 2022).

Terras met with the command of the 2nd Infantry Brigade in Luunja to discuss future perspectives and receive an overview of the current state of the infrastructure of the campus and the equipment and gear of the reserve units of the brigade, spokespeople at the headquarters of the defense forces said.

Speaking about the future developments of the brigade, the defense chief emphasized preparations for the large-scale exercise Siil 2022, in which the 2nd Infantry Brigade will have a leading role. "Over the next three years, the 2nd Infantry Brigade will be faced with extremely important tasks in order to perform successfully at the Siil 2022 exercise. Taking this into account, this is a unit of priority for the development of the entire defense forces and I am convinced that in light of the excellent work so far, the brigade will surely achieve the set goals," Terras said.

The commander of the defense forces also inspected the storage conditions and current state of the gear, armament and equipment of the reserve units of the 2nd Infantry Brigade at the Luunja campus.

The peacetime composition of the 2nd Infantry Brigade is made up of the Kuperjanov Infantry Battalion and the Combat Service Support Battalion, while the rest of the units will be formed in a war situation on the basis of reservists who receive regular additional training.