Estonia's RIA: Cyber criminals sending fraudulent e-mails regarding coronavirus

  • 2020-03-17
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN – The Estonian Information System Authority (RIA) has received reports of fraudulent e-mails seemingly offering opportunities to work from home or information regarding the novel coronavirus.

"The confusion surrounding the coronavirus is eagerly exploited by cyber criminals, who are finding new ways to deceive people. Now, we have seen e-mails that provide convenient opportunities to work from home, but clicking on the links in the e-mail can infect your computer with malware," Tonu Tammer, head of the RIA department responsible for the management of security incidents, said in a press release.

"When it comes to e-mails like this, people must carefully look at the sender's e-mail address. For example, people should become cautious when they receive an e-mail from '' employee Mati Karu, but the e-mail has actually been sent from some random e-mail address like, even if the name before the e-mail address is correct. We advise that people delete the suspicious e-mails immediately," Tammer added.

Last week, a fraudulent e-mail copying the official information of the Estonian Health Board and including a link to malware spread.

"Once you have clicked on a link in a suspicious e-mail and downloaded a file containing malware, the best way to act is to immediately shut down your computer and have it cleaned by a specialist. Be sure to also change the passwords stored in your browser," RIA said.

"If you have stored your bank card details in your browser, please inform your bank, because criminals may use your bank card, and order a new card, if necessary. Please report any suspicious e-mails to," RIA added.