Estonia's motivation package for doctors to cost EUR 5 mln

  • 2021-10-19
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - The Estonian state is ready to pay altogether five million euros in bonuses to family doctors for raising vaccination coverage among their patients.

Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas said on Tuesday that three levels of bonuses are to be established for family doctors for exceeding the 80-percent, 85-percent and 90-percent thresholds. The planned total sum of the support measure is five million euros. 

Supplementary support will also be allocated to those local governments that manage to increase the level of vaccination in their area at least 10 percent. Upon achieving that goal, the local government will get five euros per each additional vaccinated person with the state having earmarked altogether 11.5 million euros for this target.

Kallas said that the government will also introduce supplementary coronavirus restrictions from Monday, for instance, a negative coronavirus test result will no longer be sufficient for gaining access to many places.

"We have a problem with our network of hospitals -- more and more people are ending up in hospital," Kallas said, adding that most people who require hospital treatment have not been vaccinated.

As a new measure, the government decided that a negative coronavirus test result will no longer be sufficient for gaining access to places that could previously be accessed by presenting a negative test result, COVID-19 certificate or proof of having recovered from the virus. Starting from Oct. 25, negative test results will no longer be accepted and the order is to remain in force at least until Jan. 10, 2022. 

In places where COVID-19 certificate checks are mandatory, people are strongly advised to wear a mask. 

The organization of testing will change in schools and in hobby education. All pupils and students who have come into close contact with a coronavirus carrier must stay at home until they have undergone PCR testing and the result is negative. 

The Estonian Health Board will be granted authority to close establishments that fail to adhere to the restrictions.