Estonia's Ministry of Education not in a hurry canceling school exams

  • 2020-03-31
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - The Estonian Ministry of Education and Research is not rushing to make  a decision to cancel this year's school exams and is waiting until next developments when it comes to potential lifting of the emergency situation. 

The secretary general of the ministry, Mart Laidmets, said that the ministry is very keen to know how successful distance learning is across Estonia and has made phone calls to all municipalities and general education schools. 

"It has come out that Estonian schools were prepared for distance learning, and teachers and students have got accustomed to the new form. It works, and curricula are being executed,"  Laidmets said, adding that it's parents that have been most concerned.

The question has arisen, however, what will become of exams, what to do with scheduled assessments and with school holidays, he said.

"Right now we are working in the knowledge that on May 1 the emergency situation will end and exams will be just adjourned. The association of school leaders yesterday made a proposal to cancel exams altogether, but this cannot be done just with a decision of the minister. We have, however, prepared a legislative amendment by which greater flexibility will be set out for decisions concerning exams to be made with a regulation," Laidmets said. 

He said that should lifting of the emergency situation be postponed from May 1, the Ministry of Education and Research also will have to adopt new decisions concerning education.

"As regards holidays, students have been working hard in their homes and we definitely see it as necessary that the school holiday in April will take place," the official added.