Estonia's Interior Ministry to get new department

  • 2020-01-23
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN – The Estonian government on Thursday endorsed a proposal to set up a department for civil society and adaptation policy at the Ministry of the Interior. 

In accordance with the proposal, the topics of civil society and adaptation policy would be separated from the department for citizenship and migration policy and a new department named department for civil society and adaptation policy created in the structure of the ministry from Feb. 1, spokespeople for the government said.

In connection with said changes also the duties of the citizenship and migration policy department will be specified.

In addition, the work of the departments for strategy, information management and asset management will be reorganized and on the basis of these departments two new departments -- a department for strategy and development and a department for information and asset management -- established from March 1. In that connection also the duties of the ministry's legal department will be changed.