Estonia: Tallinn Summer School of Cyber Diplomacy to kick off Monday

  • 2019-07-22
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN – The Tallinn Summer School of Cyber Diplomacy, which is to be held for the first time this year, is to start on Monday and bring some 80 diplomats and experts from 26 countries to the Estonian capital.

The concept of the summer school derives from the rapid digital developments and cyber security challenges, which have altered the way the diplomatic community addresses world affairs. Debates on normative frameworks for state behavior and applying international law in cyberspace, as well as on balancing freedom and security online have become mainstream foreign policy topics, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

The five-day course is meant for diplomats who have recently been handed the challenging task of cyber foreign policy-making as well as other government officials interested in complex cyber issues.

Expert speakers will spark discussions on the global cyber agenda and will include regional and international organizations' dimensions. In addition to offering insights into UN, EU, OSCE, NATO and other organizations' cyber policies, the course will address the history of cyber conflict, latest trends of malicious cyber activities and attribution. It will also explain current concerns over economic security due to digital vulnerabilities. The course will shed light on the competing visions of democratic and autocratic nations on the future of cyberspace.

The Summer School will host lectures by some of the most distinguished current and former cyber diplomats, policy makers, and thinkers from leading academic institutions.

In addition to classroom discussions, the agenda features field visits to NATO CCD COE, the Estonian e-Showroom, as well as a practical table-top exercise simulating a realistic international cyber crisis.