Estonia: SDE chairman wants e-voting to take place also on election day

  • 2017-03-12
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - According to chairman of the Estonian Social Democratic Party (SDE) Jevgeni Ossinovski the period of e-elections should be shortened, while in the future e-voting should also be allowed on the official election day.

"To strengthen democratic principles, the e-election period should be shortened. At the same time it is absolutely necessary to create a technical solution for allowing to vote electronically on the election day to protect the uniformity of elections and the equality of voters. It would add extra convenience to our great e-election system," Ossinovski said on social media.

According to Ossinovski e-elections are a safe and convenient way for every Estonian to fulfil its citizenship duty. He added that calls to abolish e-elections are ridiculous.