Estonia: 25 people diagnosed with AIDS in 2018

  • 2019-01-11
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - Last year 190 people were diagnosed with HIV and 25 with AIDS, it appears from data of the Health Board.

Of the new HIV cases, 82 were registered in Tallinn, 34 in East-Viru County, 24 in the city of Narva, 19 in Harju County, eight in West-Viru County, seven in Tartu County, four in Parnu County, three in Viljandi County, two in Jarva and Valga counties each, and one each in Hiiu, Laane, Rapla, Saare and Voru counties.

Of the persons diagnosed with AIDS this year, 12 live in Tallinn, three each in Parnu County, West-Viru County and Harju County, two in East-Viru County and one each in Saare County and Hiiu County.

In 2017, 219 people were diagnosed with HIV and 20 with AIDS. Since testing began in Estonia, a total of 9,878 persons have been diagnosed with HIV and 536 have developed AIDS.

The number of new cases has not decreased significantly in Estonia in the past few years. Based on the World Health Organization's assessment, approximately 40 percent of HIV cases at worst may remain undetected. The rate of HIV detection depends on testing practices and the level thereof. All residents of Estonia have the opportunity to get tested for free by their general practitioner. All people diagnosed HIV positive are provided with free lifelong treatment.