Essay Writing 101: Top 5 Famous Essayists to Get Inspired from

  • 2024-05-27

Writing always begins with reading, whether a novel, essay, or article. There is something beautiful in books and short stories that sparks the creative aspect of your brain and enables us to write and portray our feelings. Therefore, one of the best ways to test your metal in writing is by writing essays.  

Consequently, when you go to school, you should take essays seriously if you want to have a writing career moving forward in the future. But first, you need to read a lot, as the role of the writer is to ask questions about what you see around you. Subsequently, the answer lies to the readers to think and point out.  

That’s why, in the next section, we will discuss some of the famous essayists and their approach to essay writing. That will inspire the writer in you and spark your imagination to put forth what you see and feel into words. 

Famous Essayists to Get Inspired from  

The surface area of English literature is as vast as the Sahara or the Himalayas. Writers from all over the world have contributed to inspiring others to write and keep the language growing and expanding.  

However, we can’t discuss all the people, but here are a few essayists you can take inspiration from to write, as per Write My Essays writing services -  

George Orwell  

“Big Brother is Watching You” marks the birth of dystopian writing and follows brilliant sarcastic follow-throughs in the form of criticizing authoritarian states. The Englishman, after serving a long time in the British Army, saw enough to contemplate in writing.   

It can be killing the elephant in Burma, which dives into the sociological investigation of society around him. That marked the birth of the best essay ever written, The Hanging, which shows what it is like to live in poverty. You will see some instances of socialist principles that bloomed from his pen and gave the best work to read and get inspired.  

Things to take from Orwell -  

Cruelty is never the answer to all problems  

The majority is never right 

James Baldwin 

The greatest black writer to ever come out of the USA. The man is a champion in writing and also in his heart and confirmed his life for the rights of Black people and their equal living. His writing echoed the disdain he had for the White people and how they treated him and his kin.  

Hence, in the essay Many Thousands Gone, he shows how the Black people are silenced in America. There are no exclusive rights and benefits for the community to thrive. It is due to his creativity and perception of the world you will see an equal seat in all the institutions of the USA.  

Things to learn from Baldwin  

Creativity is a way to pry up the snobbish behavior of society  

You are who you are. You need to take pride in it 

F.S. Fitzgerald  

“Give me a hero and I will write you the greatest tragedy story ever.” The quote showcases the quality of Fitzgerald’s writing skills. The man was an utter genius. Even that is a gross understatement, especially when you read The Great Gatsby.  

All of his work is the reflection of his life, where he loved many and yet got so little in return. Similarly, the depression and pain that grew on him and his hands was seen in the essay The Crack-Up. The essay showed how one loses his identity and slowly crawls into the area of unknowing and uncertainty.  

Things to learn from Fitzgerald  

Life isn’t just about success and money. Love is what a person looks for 

 You can have everything, yet you can feel no use of it.  

Virginia Woolf 

One of the greatest female writers and women's rights activists who actively worked to bring women out of their disadvantaged situations. Her work inspires and showcases how she views the world from being locked in a room. This is quite clear from her book, A Room of One's Own, where she showcases the injustices women face in our society.  

Moreover, you can see women who are creative are shunned away and locked in a cage and asked to remain as prized birds. Hence, the essay is a testament to her feminist ideas that spring over other women to write their own stories. Consequently, today, we have so many bright woman writers blowing us over with their brilliant thoughts and writing skills.  

Things to learn from Woolf  

Gender is a myth  

Use creativity more because there is no fun than creation  

Sigmund Freud 

The man who blurs the lines between the perceived reality and thinking reality. His works break the time and understanding of human thinking and behavior. Hence, it makes him one of the people whom you can reject or accept clearly.  

His essay, Beyond the Pleasure Principle, breaks our understanding of reality, especially when he suggests that reality is the reason why we can’t accept love and be in pain. The gap between pleasure and pain is something we create and destroy and yet run after to achieve it. Therefore, we live in a Juxtaposition where life and death are just   

Things to learn from Freud  

Death and life are the sides of the same coin  

Reality is the barrier that stops us from taking pleasure  

Essayists to Take Inspiration From  

The essayists mentioned in the list are some of the best writers whose worldview expands our imagination and understanding. Therefore, take inspiration from the above writers whose worldview is something you can add to your writing. Also, the use of literary devices to tell an incident will spark the lightbulb of imagination in your mind.  

So, go ahead and write your thoughts and ideas for your school and college essays.  


Here are a few frequently asked questions -  

Which writer has the best writing style? 

Ernest Hemingway is a writer who has the best writing style.  

Who is the father of English essays? 

Francis Bacon is known as the father of English essays.