EMTA and casinos registered in Estonia

  • 2023-04-11

For a long time, most of the online casinos operating on the European market were licensed by Malta Gaming Authority. Recently this has been changing, as more and more online casinos have chosen to register in Estonia and get licensed by EMTA.

Casinos registered in Estonia are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a place where you can enjoy quality casino games and good bonuses in a safe environment. In addition to this, winnings from these casinos are completely tax-free.

Considering all this it is no wonder that today many casino players opt for casinos registered in Estonia. If you want to know more about EMTA and casinos licensed by this authority, continue reading, as in this article we explore this subject.

What is EMTA?

EMTA, Eesti Maksu- ja Tolliamet, is Estonian Tax and Customs Board. As the name suggests, it is the taxation authority in Estonia. In addition to dealing with tax laws and customs rules, this authority also provides licences for gambling companies, such as online casinos, as well as supervises and inspects gambling.

Not just any casino can get a licence from EMTA though. To be licensed by EMTA, a casino needs to be financially stable and adhere to the stringent rules set by this authority. Even after the casino has been licensed, it will be under strict supervision. 

In addition to having to follow EMTA’s rules, all casinos registered and licensed in Estonia also need to follow Estonian laws, specifically Gambling Act and Gambling Tax Act.

Casinos registered in Estonia

A few years ago, only very few online casinos were registered in Estonia. However, recently the number of casinos registered in this country has been constantly growing. This is good news for players, as casinos licensed by EMTA are not only safe but also offer a first-rate gaming experience.

Casinos registered in Estonia are not only meant for Estonians. On the contrary: they accept players from many different countries. And not only do they accept international players, but they have also often even translated their website into many different languages.

There are even many EMTA-licensed casinos that are specifically aimed at Finnish players. At these casinos, everything, including customer support, is in Finnish. The payment methods are suitable for Finnish people as well, and sometimes even the appearance and campaigns have been tailored to please Finns.

Why play at Estonian casinos?

Casinos registered in Estonia are a good option for any casino player. And why is that? Well, there are two major reasons for this: safety and tax-free winnings.

The Estonian Tax and Customs Board is a reputable authority that sets strict rules for the casinos operating under its licence. All games at these casinos need to be using a random number generator, which ensures that the results are always truly random. 

These casinos also need to invest heavily in anti-money laundering and fraud prevention, as well as in keeping their customers' information and money safe and secure. This means that when playing at online casinos registered in Estonia, players never need to worry about their safety.

Tax-free winnings are another thing that makes casinos licensed by EMTA so attractive. As long as the casino is registered and licensed in the European Economic Area, Finnish players do not need to pay taxes from the winnings. 

Estonia, of course, is part of the EEA. So if you happen to win while playing at a casino registered in Estonia, the Finnish tax authority cannot claim even one cent of your winnings, meaning you get to keep all the money for yourself!