Employment without mandatory medical checks allowed during state of emergency

  • 2020-03-30
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Since health care institutions have stopped performing mandatory medical examination of workers in certain professions, businesses are allowed to employ people without these checks during the Covid-19 emergency, Welfare Ministry representative Egils Zarins informed LETA. 

The reduced availability of healthcare services means that there are more and more situations where existing and new employees are unable to undergo the mandatory health checks. The Welfare Ministry informs that under the Cabinet of Minister's decree, employees are allowed to employ people without the mandatory medical checks during the emergency period. 

The exemption, however, does not apply to persons doing hazardous jobs with high accident risks, like work in high altitude, operating cargo cranes and handling dangerous equipment.

However, if such workers already have certificates of the mandatory medical checks and they are expiring, they can continue work without renewing their certificates. 

When the provision of healthcare services resumes as normal, workers will have three months to undergo the mandatory medical examination. First-time health checks will have to carried out within a month. 

As reported, to protect patients and medics from getting infected with the novel coronavirus, which causes Covid-19 disease, provision of healthcare services in Latvia is partly restricted since last Friday.