Electricity price in Lithuania went up by fifth over week – Elektrum Lietuva

  • 2019-01-15
  • BNS/TBT Staff

VILNIUS – Electricity prices went up in all three Baltic states last week, rising by a fifth in Lithuania and Latvia, power provider Elektrum Lietuva says.

The second week of this year saw the electricity price grow 13 percent to 52.78 euros per MWh in Estonia, increase 20 percent to 56.13 euros in Latvia and rise around 21 percent to 56.14 euros in Lithuania.

Experts from Elektrum Lietuva say the price rises in the region were determined by annual maintenance of the transmission lines between Lithuania and Latvia as well as between Belarus and Lithuania. The prices were also affected by still low levels of waters in the reservoirs of Nordic hydropower plants.

Compared to the previous week, power consumption rose 9 percent to 618GWh in the Baltic states, and power production increased 15 percent to 398GWh. Over a week, the Baltic states together produced 64 percent of power needed to satisfied their needs.