Education workers from Ukraine to tap into Estonia's experience

  • 2018-01-15
  • LETA/TBT Staff

TALLINN – A group of school and preschool teachers from the city and the region of Lviv in Ukraine are to visit Estonia next week to get familiar with the work practices of their Estonian peers with a view to introducing the practices that they find useful in Ukraine.

Within the framework of the project titled "SCALE: Sustainability and crisis management via active learning and environmental awareness," three groups of teachers have looked at the work of Estonian schools and kindergartens earlier. The experiences gained in Estonia have been used to change the work arrangements of educational institutions in Ukraine.

This time the visit will focus on crisis management, on which a seminar will be held by employees of the Tallinn Family Center, and the support system available in Estonia's educational institutions. In addition the teachers from Ukraine will visit a history class at Kadriorg German Gymnasium, look at digital teaching at Pelgulinn Gymnasium and visit the Sikupilli and Arbu kindergartens in Tallinn which are taking part in the global Green Schools program.

The SCALE project in sustainability and crisis management is aimed at increasing competence in applying democratic decision making processes, and supports the development of 38 educational institutions in Lviv's city and region.

Over the course of two years, altogether 50 specialists and parents from Ukraine are to get familiar with the best practices of the educational establishments of Estonia in the respective fields.

The program is financed with money from the development cooperation program of the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.