Education Ministry proposes state takes over arrangement of school network from Grade 7

  • 2023-05-30
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - The Education and Science Ministry has come up with a proposal for the state to take over arrangement of the school network at the level of Grades 7-12 from local governments.

At present local governments are responsible for the whole school network, while money for teachers' wages is granted by the state.

The Education and Science Ministry before the Cabinet of Ministers meeting today submitted an informative report in efficient school network. The main indicators characterizing an efficient and sustainable school network, according to the ministry, is reachability of education, depending on the education stage, the number of pupils in classes, depending on the density of pupils in municipalities, and capacity of teaching staff.

The most important change proposed by the ministry is for the state to take over decision making on school network on the level of Grades 7-12. So far the Education and Science Ministry only authorized municipal decisions on foundation, reorganization or liquidation of schools.

The ministry believes that such changes would ensure availability of good quality education in regions, adequate work load and wages for teachers, efficient use of teachers' resources.