Dzintars reaches EUR 2 million turnover, starts further expansion in Estonia

  • 2022-04-09

Latvian cosmetics manufacturer H.A.Brieger, home to legendary brand Dzintars which was reborn in March 2021 under new leadership, has developed 58 products and produced 1.5 million units in its first year. Company’s turnover reached EUR 2 million. Estonia currently accounts for 25% of H.A.Brieger’s exports, and the firm has already begun vast expansion on Estonian market.

"This year has been like a sprint and an obstacle course marathon at the same time. None of the stages in the production and marketing process allowed us to relax: starting from the launch of the production process, a very intensive process of exhibiting and testing new products, adding new lines and product categories to continuing with the global challenges of supplying all raw materials and packaging, restoring faith in our brand in the eyes of traders and buyers, and building cooperation in export markets, ” says Anastasija Udalova, H. A. Brieger's CEO and co-owner.

Speaking about Dzintars’ upcoming expansion in Estonia after returning to our market in late 2021, Udalova mentioned that the Estonian market is very different from the Latvian one with its own nuances and challenges - however, the company looks forward with great optimism. “We are working hard to ensure that Dzintars products become popular among Estonian men and women and are represented everywhere. The balance of ingredients of natural origin, quality and price clearly speaks in favor of Dzintars. There is still a lot of work ahead, so Dzintars' plans can definitely be called ambitious. But summing up early results, we can say that they are quite impressive. Therefore, look for Dzintars products for now in Selver, Coop, Maxima and Rimi supermarkets all over Estonia, altogether in almost forty locations. And in the near future we will reveal our plans regarding other retail chains,” adds Udalova.

In 12 months, the company's factory in Riga has produced almost 1,5 million units of products or 150 tons of products. The most popular Dzintars products are lip balms, hand creams and universal cream Nīca (former Niveja) - which were Latvian market leaders last year in their respective categories, as well as shower gels and liquid hand soap. New products include a range of toothpastes with local Baltic flavors such as rhubarb and blackcurrant, among others.

Dzintars products are sold on domestic market in Latvia in leading retail chains and pharmacies, as well as in export markets of Georgia (43% of exports), Estonia (25%), Lithuania (16%), Great Britain and elsewhere. A significant part of sales is also provided the Dzintars e-store.

Dzintars offers a selection of more than 58 products, including lip balms, hand and body creams, shampoos and hair conditioners, shower gels, liquid soaps, sun creams, toothpastes and a facial skin care series.

Founded in 1849, H.A. Brieger is owned since 2020 by the Estonian company Skinest Group and Latvian entrepreneur Anastasija Udalova, under whose leadership the company started making Dzintars cosmetics again at the beginning of 2021. H.A.Brieger has received the certificates of quality management and good manufacturing practice ISO 9001 and GMP or ISO 22716.

H.A. Brieger products are available in e-commerce and at retailers in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Georgia, Great Britain and other countries.