Covering one's nose, mouth with scarf no longer enough from Monday

  • 2021-10-25
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - From Monday, additional measures to control the spread of the coronavirus come into force in Estonia, including the obligation to wear a mask, whereas covering one's mouth and nose with a scarf, collar or some other item is no longer sufficient in places where wearing a mask is required.

In commercial premises and in service, compliance with the mask obligation must be monitored by service providers and salespeople. People without masks must not be permitted to enter sales or service areas. Dispersion of people must be ensured in the said areas to prevent the spread of the virus.

It is strictly recommended to use medical masks or masks that have been declared equal with medical masks in terms of their efficiency. People who are unable to wear a mask for medical reasons must provide corresponding proof from their doctor to substantiate their claim.

With the current very extensive spread of the coronavirus, wearing a protective mask is strictly recommended also in controlled events, such as in theaters and cinemas and at concerts, for people who have been vaccinated or who have recovered from COVID-19 as well as for children starting from the age of 12.

The new restrictions remain in force at least until Jan. 10, 2022.