Constitution Protection Bureau chief Maizitis' computer stolen

  • 2017-05-11
  • BNS/TBT Staff

RIGA  - Thieves burgled the rented apartment of the Constitution Protection Bureau’s director Janis Maizitis this week and stole his computer, which luckily did not contain any classified data.

Iveta Maura, a representative of the Constitution Protection Bureau, confirmed to BNS that Maizitis’ private computer has been stolen.

The theft has been reported to the State Police who have started a criminal investigation.

Ints Kuzis, the head of the State Police, told BNS that the theft took place several days ago and that apart from the computer the thieves also stole some unimportant items from Maizitis’ apartment.

According to information at Kuzis’ disposal, there have been no previous reports of such thefts in the neighborhood where Maizitis rents the apartment.

The head of the State Police refrained from commenting on investigators’ hypotheses, but said that in such cases there cannot be only one hypothesis. “Of course, apartment burglaries are a widespread crime, but it is necessary to figure out why this crime was committed in the first place. This is what police will investigate now,” Kuzis said.

Kuzis also said that Maizitis had not asked the police to provide him with security.

As reported, Janis Kazocins who headed the Constitution Protection Bureau before Maizitis, was also targeted by criminals in 2014. Several men assaulted Kazocins on a street in Riga on January 22, 2014, half a year after he had resigned as the Constitution Protection Bureau’s director. Kazocins suffered minor injuries in the attack.

Three men, born in 1977, 1983 and 1986, were later detained in connection with the attack.

Kazocins currently is national security adviser to President Raimonds Vejonis and secretary of the National Security Council.