Commonly Asked Questions about Esports Betting

  • 2023-03-13

When you log in to an online casino, a variety of games is usually provided for your entertainment. No matter how indecisive you are, one thing you don't want is to get bored. If you are a regular, you have probably played many of the games available, with a thirst for something fresh and exciting. Have you tried eSports? They are an excellent betting option at VulkanBet, offering different games and tournaments with high-adrenaline action.

Betting on them can be somewhat similar to regular sporting events. Odds are given on games as they start, and you can wager on the variety of outcomes. For your eSports-related inquiry, this is the right page. Ensure to sign up at a reputable online casino to enjoy better odds and bonuses. This article explores some of the most common questions about eSports betting asked by punters. 

Common Questions about Esports Betting

From inception, sharing the same entertainment space means eSports have always been confused with virtual sports. To clear the mystery, here are some commonly asked questions about eSports betting, with answers.

What Are Esports?

Esports is a fresh popular alternative for punters interested in placing bets on the sports market. They comprise highly competitive multiplayer events involving more than one real person. Unlike virtual sports that are totally dependent on AI, eSports tend to be distinct, with real players controlling the matches and tournaments. It is a simple but exciting offering that evolved from the introduction of high internet speed to the gaming arena. A wide range of varieties is offered, ranging from sports to fighting and strategy games. You will encounter a variety of titles such as League of Legends, FIFA, DOTA2, StarCraft 2, and more.

What Sites Can I Bet on Esports?

All forms of betting are best enjoyed on properly regulated platforms. A licensed site like Vulkanbet, for example, tends to be safer for punters to sign up, deposit, and make wagers on. Your personal and banking information is also more secure here. Ensure that you choose a reputable platform for eSports betting. For more clarity on your choice, check online to see if the site's license is issued by a credible authority. Check customer reviews to see what others are saying about their internet security. Consider the deposit and withdrawal methods provided and how easily you can access them. Also, ensure it uses a valid SSL data encryption technology to keep your information protected from third-party interference.

Is It Legal to Bet on Esports?

Like regular betting, the regulations regarding eSports generally depend on the gambling laws of your location. Due to the relatively new nature of eSports betting and skin gambling, there are no online regulations against the industry. It is safe to say you will encounter no limitations where these games are concerned. If you live in a country where traditional sports betting is legal, you should be safe exploring eSports too. What will apply are the age requirements. Most countries provide 18 years as the age of legality, so minors are not allowed to bet on eSports. Ensure you are of legal age and register on a reputable online platform.

Can I Use My Phone for Esports Betting?

Mobile gaming is one of the innovations enjoyed in the online entertainment industry, with enough provisions for you to enjoy your favourite titles right in your home or in transit. Most sites with eSports offerings are HTML5 optimized, which means you can enjoy seamless gameplay using your mobile device's web browser. Whether Android or iOS, you can use your smartphone for eSports betting. There are also standalone apps provided by online bookmakers to ensure you can always access your gaming sessions easily. Ensure you download legit mobile apps from Google Play and Apple stores.

Can I Claim a Bonus on Esports Betting Sites?

Usually, various promotions are provided to ensure players can have a more profitable time betting on online games. Esports is no different, with several bonuses offered to punters for lucrative gambling. After signing up, new players can claim a welcome offer to enjoy proceeding with extra betting power. It is usually activated by making the first deposit, which can sometimes last till the second or third.

To Wrap Things Up

There are many questions asked by punters interested in betting on eSports. This is not surprising, considering the excitement and buzz surrounding this popular gaming alternative. The first step to understanding this genre is to know that eSports are played by actual gamers to entertain others, unlike Ai-oriented virtual sports. You can also enjoy eSports betting to win real money prizes if you have a good internet connection for high-quality streaming. Ensure to bet on your favourite eSports with a reliable sportsbook. They offer more security and are already brands you are familiar with.