Choose Bauska as the venue for your next corporate event!

  • 2024-06-17

If you’re looking for a special location to hold a business conference or a meeting, the Bauska region is the right place. 

Bauska is located just 60 kilometres, less than an hour’s drive, from Riga on the Via Baltica highway, which connects the capitals of all three Baltic States. Bauska is a charming town in southern Latvia. It is one of the most popular culture tourism destinations in the Baltics, but also a very promising location for conferences and events. There you can enjoy both the ancient atmosphere in one of the castles and manors in the area, as well as modern and Latvian interiors in recreation complexes and guest houses, where you can organize events for 20 to 150 guests.

Conference and seminar rooms

Bauska region's conference room providers are experienced in hosting and organizing national and international conferences and seminars. Their offer meets high requirements and standards. Conferences can be organized both in historical castles and manors and in modern leisure complexes, providing modern infrastructure and equipment.

Activities and interactive programs

Nowadays, organizing a conference is unthinkable without various additional activities that allow you to discover the nearby surroundings and places. The offer of Bauska region is rich and diverse in this sense, offering both activities and interactive programs that correspond to a certain century (ensuring authenticity; authentic experience) and on-site experiences, as well as the opportunity to participate in master classes or tastings of local products. When organizing a two-day conference, it is also possible to enjoy relaxing water procedures and the SPA offered in some facilities. For culture lovers, it is possible to organize a visit to a concert or an event at nearby sites.

History and Culture gems

Rundale Palace is one of the gems of the Bauska region. The palace and its park are the finest example of Baroque and Rococo architecture and art in the Baltics. It was designed by the renowned Italian architect Francesco Rastrelli as the summer residence of Duke Ernst Johann von Biron of Courland. The foundation stone was laid in 1736, and 268 masons worked on the palace’s construction. Today, the palace’s restored rooms offer a glimpse into what everyday life, social evenings, and balls at the court of dukes and counts might have been like.

If you want to spend a particularly exciting time at Rundale Palace, get to know it through a theatrical tour, in which guests are welcomed by guides in historical costumes. The palace also regularly hosts classical music concerts and interesting events related to its history. After exploring the palace’s magnificent interiors, make sure to stroll through its gardens, which are full of fountains, bosquets, pergolas, pavilions, and labyrinths. The ten-hectare French Baroque garden – the most remarkable historical garden in the Baltics – won the prestigious European Garden Award a few years ago and since 2023 is a member of the European Royal Residences Network. 

Bauska Castle, which stands on a narrow peninsula at the confluence of the Musa and the Memele Rivers, also exudes historical charm. The medieval castle was built by the Livonian Order and enlarged in the 16th century for the needs of the court of the Dukes of Courland and Semigallia. Today it is the only restored Renaissance/Mannerist-era castle in Latvia and consists of the Kettler ducal residence and the ruins of the Livonian Order’s fortress. The castle’s 28 rooms house fascinating historical expositions and interiors as well as thematic exhibitions. Tourist groups may enjoy interactive programs such as learning Renaissance dances and trying on Renaissance era costumes. Visitors can also learn about 16th- and 17th-century court life and the manners and rules of that time. In addition, Bauska Castle hosts a variety of concerts. 

Weddings and celebrations

Bauska Town Hall - the only reconstructed 17th century Town Hall in Latvia, houses the most luxurious civil registry department in Latvia, not only the residents of the region come to get married here, but also residents of Riga and even from abroad. Only one of the specialties of the Town Hall is weddings, and you will get the best recommendations for the best service providers to make this day special. However, if you have a special anniversary or celebration coming up and you want to feel as if you were at home, weddings can be arranged both in larger recreation complexes and manors, and in smaller and cozy guest houses.

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