Charity campaign

  • 2022-08-09

Every year several thousands of Latvian children start school, and that is an important event for both the child and the family. Preparing for school tends to be particularly difficult for the more vulnerable part of the society – low-income families with several children, as well as Ukrainian families that have sought refuge in our country. To help struggling families prepare children for the new school year, the charity campaign "Let’s help prepare for school together!" is being organised for the third year.

From 8 to 28 August, organisers of the campaign – shopping and entertainment centres AKROPOLE in cooperation with charity organisation, as well as parents’ organisation, invite people to donate stationery, new formal and athletic clothing, shoes and other unused items useful for school, to support children and their families before the new school year starts.

“We are already being asked to help dozens of families with school-age children, to which peer support is crucial. It is estimated that in the current economic conditions the number of requests for support would increase considerably before the start of the school year. Therefore, we wholeheartedly thank our cooperation partners and every contributor for the chance to help even more families,” says Rūta Dimanta, head of the charity organisation

”This is now the third year when activities to support young students and their families are organised by AKROPOLE in cooperation with partners. This year this tradition has a significant meaning – in difficult economic times, it is very important not to be indifferent and to lend a helping hand to the less protected part of society. That is why we ourselves and our tenants actively participate in the donation process. We also invite others to share the good deeds; moreover, this year there is an opportunity to do it in two locations - in both AKROPOLE shopping centres,” says Zane Kaktiņa, manager of the shopping centre AKROPOLE Alfa.

Anyone can bring their donations to AKROPOLE Rīga (Maskavas iela 257) and AKROPOLE Alfa (Brīvības gatve 372) or purchase them in the shopping centres and leave them at designated charity boxes with the caption ”Let’s help prepare for school together!”.

”When providing all the necessary for your child, it is worth thinking about those who will have to make a choice before September 1 between having daily family meals or purchasing a notebook and coloured pencils. Together we will help many families avoid making this difficult choice. At the top of the list of necessary items are school backpacks, stationery and pencil cases, and supplies for art classes. Water bottles and lunch boxes are just as important, as well as formal clothing, sportswear and shoes,” says Inga Akmentiņa-Smildziņa, the head of the parent’s organisation

Families can be supported both materially, by providing the necessary supplies, and financially, by donating via bank transfer at, section ”Let’s help prepare for school together!”. The amount of the donation is voluntary.

The charity campaign will end on 28 August. will hand over all donated items and proceeds to those families who cannot provide their children with school items due to financial reasons, and will make sure that everything necessary will reach the recipients right before the school year.