Changes in the Management Board of Lidl Latvija and Lidl Eesti

  • 2022-09-12

Lidl Latvija informs that the CEO of SIA Lidl Latvija and Lidl Eesti OÜ (Lidl Estonia), Jakob Josefsson, is leaving the position of the Chairman of the Board of SIA Lidl Latvija and Lidl Eesti OÜ and will continue his career within the Schwarz Group as the Chairman of the Board of the Lidl Sverige (Lidl Sweden) as of November 1, 2022.

Jakob Josefsson has led the Board of both companies since the April of 2019. Jakob and his team successfully coordinated Lidl's entry and the first store openings in Latvia and Estonia, laying a strong foundation for Lidl's future business growth in both markets.

Maciej Urbanski, the current acting Board member of the SIA Lidl Latvija and Lidl Eesti OÜ, will become the Chairman of the Board of both companies as of mid-October 2022. Maciej has worked at Lidl for over 18 years and since the October of 2018 was the acting Board member of SIA Lidl Latvija and Lidl Eesti OÜ, responsible for Sales and Logistics.

Changes in the composition of the Board will be shortly submitted to the Register of Companies of the Republic of Latvia and Republic of Estonia.

About Lidl

The Lidl retail company, as part of the Schwarz retail group headquartered in Neckarsulm, is one of the leading companies in the food retail industry in Germany and Europe. Lidl is represented in 32 countries around the world and currently operates over 12 000 stores and more than 200 logistics centers and warehouses in 31 countries worldwide, and is represented in Asia.

As a discount supermarket, Lidl places value on an optimal price-quality ratio for its customers. Simplicity and process orientation determine everyday operations in the stores, regional distribution centers and services. As a system provider, Lidl Stiftung, headquartered in Neckarsulm, is responsible for the design and structure of standardized processes.

Lidl currently has more than 341,000 employees. Dynamism in daily implementation, strength as a result and fairness in dealing with one another characterize working at Lidl across the globe. In its daily trading, Lidl assumes responsibility for people, society and the environment. At Lidl, sustainability is a case of fulfilling its quality promise every day.

The Schwarz Group, which operates worldwide as a retail group, generated a turnover of 125.3 billion euros in the financial year 2020.