Changes due also in work of Estonia's vocational schools, universities in mid-May

  • 2020-04-21
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - Where so far the possibility of ending distance learning in Estonia's general education schools on May 15 has been talked about, then actually the change also concerns vocational schools and universities, Estonia's chief higher education official said at a news briefing on the coronavirus crisis on Tuesday.

"We've been preparing a scenario whereby it will be possible to conduct studies, including seminars and practical work, in groups of up to ten people starting from May 15," Indrek Reimand, deputy secretary general for higher education and research at the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research, said. 

In addition to general education schools, also Estonia's vocational schools and universities switched to distance learning from March 16. 

According to Reimand, the organization of vocational education has been made very flexible, with both the enrollment of students and graduation taking place round the year.

"Vocational schools will base their actions after May 15 on the state of play concerning the progress of specific study groups on specific curricula and the possibilities for organizing studies, practical work and also the professional examination. In school buildings studies can be conducted also in groups of up to ten people," Reimand said. 

The current spring school break in general education schools has raised questions also among students of vocational schools and their parents, the official said.

"Therefore I would like to emphasize that only general education schools are having a school break now, and vocational schools will determine themselves when they will have a break,"  Reimand said. 

He also said it is important to remember that since all major events due in the early summer must be canceled, also school graduation ceremonies cannot take place.