Cars wait in 16 km long line to cross Latvian-Lithuanian border

  • 2020-04-02
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - A 16 kilometers long line of passenger cars has built up at the Grenctale crossing on Latvian-Lithuanian border, Zane Plone, a representative of the Latvian Road Transport Administration, told LETA.

"Apparently, the queue has built up because passenger car traffic has been diverted to this particular crossing point, which starting today remains the only one open to private transport," said Plone.

The Road Transport Administration's representative indicated that delivery trucks are still allowed to cross the Latvian-Lithuanian border through three crossing points. There are also trucks waiting at Grenctale though, because this is the shortest way.

Latvian Foreign Ministry press secretary Janis Bekeris told LETA that the long line at the border has formed because of the border checks introduced by Lithuania, which seriously impede traffic across the border. He said that the situation had gradually improved by Thursday night and the long line of vehicles had started moving. 

Bekeris said that the Foreign Ministry was is touch with Lithuanian colleagues to negotiate more flexible border check procedures. The Latvian State Police was also involved in coordinating traffic at the border. 

Bekeris said that the traffic congestion was expected to ease in the next few hours. 

As reported, Lithuania and Estonia have resumed border controls with Latvia, which means that the borders can only be crossed through certain crossing points. 

The Foreign Ministry informed earlier that as of today, April 2, travelers can only cross the Latvian-Lithuanian border at Grenctale, while delivery trucks can still cross the border through three crossings - Grenctale, Rucava and Medumi.