Businesses have specific problems - Devoro provides individual solutions

  • 2023-01-24

"After moving to several different virtual servers, we keep having persistent issues with our emails. And, I think we are overpaying" – this is the message the Devoro team got a few months ago. In addition, the company wanted to create an in-house IT team to maintain its IT systems.

This is a pretty common request. So the question was how could we help?

Of course, we mobilised our team of experts and started the planning process. Cloud computing is one of our favourites as it is cost-cutting and provides stability, versatility along with reliability. Not to mention, we partner with IT industry giants: Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Digital Ocean.

It took us eight months to get to the final result, but it was worth it.

How to reduce IT cost? 

"To solve the problem, we moved all virtual servers, along with all data, from a private to a public cloud provider. In addition, the adoption of modern technologies streamlined internal communication and significantly improved the security level," says Arunas Vaitekunas, the director of Devoro, a company providing a wide range of IT services for various businesses.

This solution has reduced the company's costs by 20 per cent. And, of course, the client's issues with email were over. In addition, the company's security level has been significantly improved, with new processes ensuring data safety.

The final result was savings from the project company invested in creating additional workplaces.

As a somewhat unintended result, when the pandemic kicked up, the client's IT systems were ready to cope with the threat of offices closing down and the workstations being relocated to the private home environment.

When your database is failing 

The ever-expanding workload of data technology and the exponential data growth have forced many organisations to experience delays, downtime, rising costs, and reduced internal resource bandwidth.

So it was not a surprise for the Devoro team to receive another request from the client, complaining about a slow database. The desire to have failsafe protection was also on the list.

"We decided to create a clustered database system. So if one of the servers fails, the replacement server automatically takes over the work of the primary one," explains A. Vaitekunas.

Today the company's software always has access to the database, and 100 percent uptime is maintained.

"To add more, our solution has reduced the need for human resources by eliminating the demand to check whether the database is constantly working. As a result, the company is experiencing much higher service reliability," says the Head of the Devoro team.

Larger company - more challenges

According to A. Vaitekunas, a common problem for the more prominent companies is how to push products, stock data, and discounts to e-commerce systems nowadays. Often they work with dedicated and highly customised ERP (Enterprise resource planning) systems that do not have e-commerce integration.

"This is where Devoro comes in by building Application Programming Interface (API) integration systems between an ERP and an e-commerce platform. So, instead of overpaying ERP system vendors, we build an API interface that interacts with the database and continuously updates e-commerce with the latest data."

As e-commerce is in black, more and more of the company's activities are moving to the digital space. So telephony should follow.  

"One of our largest partners had an issue tracking their customer communication. It is easy with CRM when it's on emails, but not so much when monitoring phone communications," says Sarunas Misevicius, the head of the Devoro IT division. 

So the Devoro team of developers created an integration between VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephony system and the ERP / CRM systems. The result follows: the company's call logs end in the location as their emails and other communication systems.

"Tracking leads became much more straightforward. In addition, communication is more fluid, and the company significantly cut costs by getting rid of mobile phone contracts," says S. Misevicius.  

He highlights that the Devoro VOIP telephony system is fully digital and works on iOS/Android devices and web browsers, including Windows and macOS platforms. So all one needs is the internet.

These examples are only a few of the many IT solutions provider deals with daily.

You don't need to be an IT expert – we are

The Devoro company started as a team of 3 employees in 2019 providing IT maintenance services. Today it is a large-scale company offering solutions for businesses that covers almost all topics related to information technologies.

"We provide a wide range of IT services to small and medium-sized companies and large enterprises. The experience of our employees spans more than 20 years, and the accumulated knowledge is constantly updated," says A. Vaitekunas.

Imagine if all your daily business processes are combined in a single system with interconnectivity. One business management system allows you to integrate and manage CRM, sales, purchasing, accounting, warehouse, HR, website, e-commerce, car fleet, manufacturing, marketing, and many other processes.

"Pretty often, we deal with clients having large databases. However, increasing physical and, at the same time, monetary resources are not a practical option. That's why we help optimise data storage and exchange and simultaneously ensure data security," says A. Vaitekunas.

The company is well known as a top-notch developer of software based on customer needs and a cybersecurity provider, as ensuring the company's cyber security and perimeter protection is today's topicality.

And as mentioned before, the Devoro team helps to remove the burden of administering and maintaining the fleet of server equipment with cloud technology and 24/7 maintenance.

"We don't simply sell IT services - we provide the most effective, cost-reducing, and time-saving solutions for businesses as our team covers almost all information technology-related topics," - says the head of Devoro.