Book Launch of Frida Michelson’s “I Survived Rumbuli” in Latvian

  • 2015-02-05

Riga - As a part of the commemoration events of International Holocaust Remembrance Day on January 27th, there was a book launch of the Latvian translation of Frida Michelson’s memoir “I Survived Rumbuli.” Frida Michelson was a Latvian Jew who was one of the few survivors of the mass killings at Rumbula on Nov 30th and December 8th, 1941.

The event, held at the Riga Graduate School of Law, was attended by a number of leaders of the Jewish community in Latvia and official representatives of foreign embassies. One of main threads of the speakers at the event was the hope that it would be used in schools in Latvia so a new generation can learn of the horrors that befell Michelson and the Jews in Latvia, as well as the strength and inner fortitude that she showed in surviving and telling her story. The translation includes additional information about the genesis of the book by co-author David Silberman, and a number of footnotes.
This book is part of a growing focus on bringing wider attention to the fate of the Jews in Latvia.