Blockchain-Based Vaccine Verification System Key to Student Safety Amidst Pandemic

  • 2022-10-19

Back-to-school blues were previously the primary issue with face-to-face (F2F) classes. However, with COVID-19 still a threat, it is a big consideration for parents to have their children vaccinated against the virus that has caused chaos around the world and killed millions in the past couple of years. 

Just last month, the American Academy of Pediatrics revealed that transmission cases among children were 14% higher in the last week of August than two weeks earlier, according to CNN.

The associated paperwork to verify children’s vaccination is still a challenge for many parents, particularly for single parents and those with more than two children. This is why a BSV-blockchain-powered vaccine verification application like VX Technologies could be a breath of fresh air for many.

Prioritizing Children's Safety

VX Technologies Founder Zachary Weiner introduced the company at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January, highlighting its ability to preserve the user's healthcare data while disconnecting it from the patient's identity and protecting privacy.

The inspiration behind VX Technologies came from Weiner's personal experience when he was in Thailand for vacation and got into a scooter accident. He ended up with a severe road rash and had to be hospitalized. On top of the language barrier with his doctor, the medical team also decided to give him a tetanus shot despite not knowing his medical history.

Weiner says he then realized that in many cases like his, receiving "proper care" rather than "default care" might avoid potentially disastrous reactions on the part of the patient, who may be allergic to certain medications or who may unknowingly accept the risk of receiving unnecessary treatment. 

Weiner also claims that under pandemic conditions, the lack of a validated healthcare record could cost more lives because institutions cannot properly conduct risk mitigation measures. This is because there are no comprehensive medical records that are easily accessible, especially when a patient is not in their country of residence. 

VX Technologies publishes healthcare data on the public BSV ledger, but it is never linked to the child's identity. Rather, it is linked to a public key that allows the parents to retain their children’s privacy. At the same time, the school's management benefits from a quick verification process through an easy-to-use platform built on a secure and immutable blockchain.

Medical records on VX Technologies are also signed by certified physicians and practitioners to ensure the integrity of the user's record. This not only allows future treatments to proceed safely concerning the child's medical history or vaccination status, but it also means that they can immediately identify the cause and provide accurate and effective treatment.

Streamlining School Data Management

VX Technologies Executive Director of International Affairs Justin Pauly observed situations where a suggested U.S. government's request for proposals (RFPs) five-year plan to store billions of data records can be completed in five weeks using the BSV blockchain.

With the BSV blockchain's scalability, ultra-low transaction fees and next-generation data management features, VX Technologies is well-positioned to provide school-wide medical record management at a fraction of the cost it would normally take on other blockchains.

A school management system will significantly reduce the time spent manually recording data and efficiently improve work processes by swiftly updating or retrieving the students' information. This will result in a permanent reduction in the number of workers required to do routine jobs and alleviates the pressure and stress placed on employees and an already overburdened infrastructure.

Blockchain cannot yet address equity and inclusion issues in vaccine verification systems. However, it can provide a foundation for educational institutions to manage information flow in real-time as F2F classes resume nationwide.