Baltic PMs call on residents to actively take part on building future of Europe

  • 2021-05-09
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - The prime ministers of the Baltic States have released a joint statement on the occasion of Europe Day, LETA was informed by Latvian Prime Minister Krisjanis Karins' press secretary Sandris Sabajevs.

''On the occasion of the Europe Day we underline the importance of this particular date for the celebration of European democracy. Today we celebrate the official launch of the Conference on the Future of Europe that opens a pan-European debate on ideas, opportunities and challenges in building our common future,'' the Baltic PMs point out.

''71 years ago, the French Minister of Foreign Affairs Robert Schuman expressed his ideas on the European postwar recovery and its peaceful and prosperous future. His brave and visionary ideas made the building blocks of the modern European Union. Today, the EU calls the people to express their ideas on the topics that are important for building our future and the future of the next generations of Europeans. Just as 71 years ago, today Europe needs brave and visionary ideas,'' the statement goes on to say.

''We therefore encourage everyone and, in particular, people in the Baltic States to actively take part in building our common future. The Baltic nations showed an inspiring enthusiasm and resolve in transforming their countries, and building flourishing democracies. We are certain that the people of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania today can show an equal determination in building the ever-stronger European Union, based on the ideals of freedom, individual liberty and solidarity,'' the Baltic PMs emphasize.

''We also call all EU institutions to take due account of the people’s ideas and to translate them into concrete actions to better meet people’s needs and the expectations and to ensure prosperity of Europe in the years to come,'' the statement reads.