Average temperature in July was 2.4 degrees above the norm

  • 2018-08-08
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - The average air temperature in Latvia this past July was 19.8 degrees Celsius or 2.4 degrees higher than the average temperatures from 19821 to 2010, according to Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Center's data.

The same average temperature for July was recorded in 2011. The highest average temperature in July was registered in 2011 - 21.5 degrees Celsius.

Overall, 23 heat records were broken in July. On July 30, the weather station in Ainazi recorded 33.7 degrees - an absolute record for the station, while Bauska registered 34.2 degrees - the highest temperature to be registered in Latvia this year.

The lowest temperature in July was 7.3 degrees Celsius recorded in Pavilosta on July 5.

The average rainfall in July was 52 millimeters, or 31 percent below the norm, therefore July this year was the driest since July 2006 when the average rainfall was just 18 millimeters.