• 2016-08-10

Aug. 11-14

KUBANA 2016 - Lucavsala island, at the Daugava River in Riga

Kubana 2016 is ready to satisfy your curiosity as to this year’s lineup. With great pleasure, Kubana announces three opening bands — Nofx, The Subways, and Enter Shikari.

The true favourite of Kubana fans, the British alternative band The Subways is coming back to the festival, much to the delight of people who love singing along. And it seems like every girl in the crowd is sure that the song Rock-n-roll Queen is dedicated to her. Without a doubt, this is true!
Other Kubana 2016 bands are already known. The charismatic and daring Garbage, legendary Guano Apes, crazy Mexicans Molotov, Marky Ramone’s Blitzkrieg, The 69 Eyes, Nashville Pussy, Eskimo Callboy.

The special guest — always unexpected, but beloved from childhood — is Kubana’s special feature, which distinguishes the festival from all others. His name is Vakhtang Kikabidze, People’s Artist of the Georgian SSR, Honoured Artist of Ukraine, laureate of the State Prize of the USSR, laureate of State Prize of Georgia. But all these titles and rewards cannot be compared with adoration from the people.

Aug. 13-21

BIRGITTA FESTIVAL - St. Bridget’s Convent ruins, Kloostri tee 1, Tallinn;
Birgitta Festival is one of the highlights of the Tallinn summer cultural calendar. The festival combines the dark charm of the medieval St. Bridget’s Convent Ruins in Tallinn with the latest in modern musical theatre in all its variety and richness.

The Birgitta Festival was first held in 2005. For a few August nights, the imposing ruins of the Pirita monastery are turned into a modern opera house where various genres of musical theatre are performed: classical opera, ballet, oratorios, contemporary dance, and musical comedy — as guest performances as well as original productions.

A roof protects audiences from the rain. Subtitles. A la carte restaurant. Everything has been taken care of.

Aug. 12-14


Riga City Festival arrives like a long-awaited birthday present. For three days, the city is filled with festive atmosphere, live music, and plenty of surprises. The multi-coloured Riga summer season’s closing festival is cause for elation, in turn offering knowledge and a sense of the city’s history.

The celebration reminds us of the times when it was first born — the Daugava River waters brought sailboats with foreign goods, the aroma of herring and sprat was in the air, and the narrow streets of cobblestone were filled with the Brethren and Knights of the Order. Riga has always been a gateway to the world, and the Daugava a road connecting nations and people. The festival’s events conjure up ancient historical sights both on water and on land.

The popular festival venues in the Old Town of Riga — the 11th November Embankment, Vermanes Park, and other locales — are filled with entertaining and educational activities for all generations — musical and theatrical surprises, special offers from Riga’s cafes and restaurants, goods sold at Riga City Festival markets by Latvian farmers and craftsmen.

Aug. 18, 7 p.m.


Finnish landscapes and a jazz legend’s piano concert; St. Catherine’s Church (30 Vilnius St., Vilnius)

Soloists: Daumantas Kirilauskas (piano)
Jani Niinimaki (percussion, Finland)
Lapenranta City Orchestra Saimaa Sinfonietta (Finland)

Conductor Vytautas Lukocius
The charismatic Vytautas Lukocius is not one to steer clear of the most varied amplua, yet this is the first time he’ll be appearing as the conductor of Saimaa Sinfonietta as part of the Christopher Summer Festival!
The famous Finnish orchestra (founded in 1909) will convey the landscapes of their land through the works of composer K. Aho, infused with Saami moods brought to life through the use of numerous percussion instruments, ranging from the djembe to the tambourine. And together with pianist Daumantas Kirilauskas they’ll invite you to swim in a sea of jazz, pulsating to the passages of Chick Corea in this piano concert.
No touristy concert itineraries, an international team of excellent musicians, all under the capable baton of Vytautas Lukocius — the promise of an extraordinary summer evening.
Programme — Ch. Corea, K. Avo
Concert duration 70 min.

Aug. 19, 7 p.m.

LEONARDO DA VINCI’S INSTRUMENT - St. Catherine’s Church (30 Vilniaus St., Vilnius)

A Lithuanian premiere — the legacy of the Renaissance genius
Concert organised in co-operation with the Polish Institute;
Slavomir Zubrzycki (viola organista, Poland)

The Renaissance era’s genius Leonardo da Vinci still spurs on the imaginations of more than just historians, researchers, and writers. The collection of sketches and descriptions of his inventions compiled in the Codex Atlanticus has also inspired the Polish pianist and constructor Slawomir Zubrycki to awaken a 500-year-old instrument that da Vinci never had the chance to hear...

After four years of intensive work, the performer has presented to the world the viola organista — the only instrument in the world that looks like a traditional piano, but sounds like a combination of the organ, keyboards, and strings due to its special internal structure. Its unique sound reveals the grandeur of Baroque works while also harmonising wonderfully in the music of performers as varied as Bjork.

Discover the secrets of the Codex Atlanticus together with Sławomir Zubrzycki!

Programme M. Marais, C. F. Abel, C. Ph. E. Bach, etc.
Concert duration 70 min.

Aug. 19-21

During the days the left bank of the Daugava is transformed into a major venue for video installations and contemporary art — a party, if you please, for the picture, video, sound and, of course, the imagination. This festival’s opening ceremony will feature a competition for “visual jockeys” with eight artists signed up to take part. Day Two will feature a selection of experimental films and video works, but the grand finale will be for the younger set — an invitation to be a part of the video animation workshop and have the opportunity to view London Animation Festival programmes especially for tots.

Aug. 19-22

RIGA CRAFT BEER FESTIVAL - Aldaris Beer Museum, Riga

Brewers and their imaginative recipes pan-Europe will convene in one location, giving you the opportunity to taste-test a number of specialty or “designer” beer, i.e. craft — as much as you wish.
At this two-day event, a splendid opportunity to sample over 180 “extravagant” brands of beer from all of Europe. Latvia’s finest micro-brews — Labietis, Malduguns, Viedi, Barda, and others — will also be featured, as well as some foreign brands — Denmark’s “Mikkeller,” the trendy US east coast-brewed “Evil Twin,” and the award-winning Norwegian “Cervisiam.” Or try the brands made by Catalonia’s brand new “Edge Brewing Co.”
This festival will be a chance for you to taste-test these “exotic” libations, but also hear the saga of craft beer — the history and its use today. Live music from a number of groups will entertain the crowd.
Exchange your ticket at the entrance for a special festival beer mug which gives you the right to taste-test the beer offered with no additional fee.

Aug. 20-21


On Aug. 20 Tallinn opens its gates to West Estonia. This festival gives an opportunity to Tallinn residents and visitors to learn about the rest of Estonian culture and leisure activities, and gives guests an opportunity to introduce themselves and invite the residents of Tallinn to pay a visit.
Aug. 22, 6 p.m.

Eduard Vilde Museum, Roheline aas 3, Tallinn

An exclusive concert of violinist and singer Maarja Nuut will be held in the cosy hall of the Vilde Museum.
The concert will be played in the former lounge of Eduard Vilde, which will add an exciting cultural dimension to the brave and mystical sound. Tickets can be bought in advance from the Vilde Museum!

Aug. 20

Estonian Open Air Museum - Vabaohumuuseumi tee 12, Tallinn
Estonia celebrates the restoration of independence as well as its freedom to sing on the principle of being able to say what is on Estonian minds out loud.
On Song Day Estonians will sing of the holidays with Estonian archaic runic songs and newer folk songs. To celebrate the Year of Maritime Culture one is invited to take a  walk on the coast and sing sea songs.