Anti-refugee protest to be held in Riga on August 4

  • 2015-07-27
  • From wire reports and TBT staff, RIGA

Riga City Council has confirmed around 100 people plan to participate in a picket protest outside the Cabinet of Ministers building in the Latvian capital on August 4, to protest the admission of refugees from North Africa to Latvia.

The picket has been announced by the Tevijas Sargi (Guards of the Fatherland) public group.

Other organisations that have also announced their plans to picket on August 4, include lawmakers from the ruling nationalist conservative National Alliance, the nationalist Taisnigums (Justice) organisation, men's folk group Vilki (Wolves), and the Dieva Suni (Dogs of the God) organization .

In early July 2015, the Latvian government agreed until 2017, the country would voluntary admit 250 refugees from North Africa who need to be relocated within the European Union. 

The Ministries of Interior, Welfare, Culture and Environmental Protection and Regional Development in collaboration with local authorities are currently forming a policy for their integration.

The nationalist conservative National Alliance, a partner in Latvia's center-right government coalition, objects to the admission of refugees to Latvia, arguing during last century Latvia was forced to take in more immigrants than any other EU member state.