Annual exercise of Estonia's Scouts Battalion kicks off in Latvia

  • 2020-10-27
  • LETA/BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN - Almost 500 soldiers of the Scouts Battalion and the allied battlegroup are taking part in the Teraskilp (Steel Shield) exercise that is held in the Adazi training area in Latvia this week.

The all-professional Scouts Battalion, which took part in the Furious Axe training exercise of Estonia's 1st Infantry Brigade at the Adazi training grounds last week, is this week holding the exercise named Teraskilp to rehearse the combat drills of a tactical group in the framework of the company, spokespeople for the defense headquarters in Tallinn said.

"No unit ever fights as an isolated unit without taking into account others, therefore our comrades from other subunits of the 1st Infantry Brigade are involved in the exercise every year. This year, indirect fire support is offered in the live-fire exercise by artillery and combat engineer units of the allied battlegroup and a Danish platoon, which is acting as an integrated part of the armored infantry company," said the commander of the Scouts Battalion, Lt. Col. Eero Aija.

On the first day of the Teraskilp exercise, the second stage of the shooting contest of the Scouts Battalion took place. On Tuesday, the units will rehearse for the forthcoming live-fire exercise using imitation devices. 

After that, a live-fire exercise of the armored group, the armored infantry platoon and the infantry platoon will take place, while the exercise will culminate in a tactical group live-fire exercise held in the framework of a company.

According to the commander of the Scouts Battalion, the Furious Axe exercise of the 1st Infantry Brigade held in the same training area in Latvia last week offered a very good opportunity to hone one's skills in very different tactical activities and cooperation in the framework of a brigade.

"We had the possibility to rehearse defensive battles, through-movement of units and handover of responsibility, doing it in very close collaboration with the Estonian allied battlegroup against the Latvian allied battlegroup. The training of military units requires an equal enemy and a scenario as true to life as possible, which were offered by this year's Furious Axe," Aija added.

The training exercise will end of Nov. 1. 

In connection with the exercise of Estonia's 1st Infantry Brigade in Latvia, convoys and heavy armor of the defense forces will be moving along the route Ikla -- Parnu -- Tapa until Nov. 2. The speed of movement of the convoys is 70 kmh at most and the length of the convoys is up to 15 vehicles.

Held annually since 2005, Teraskilp marks the culmination of the Scouts Battalion's annual training cycle, during which live-fire exercises of the company as well as the battalion level take place.