An outdoor exhibition was opened in Ülemiste City, which focuses on the most important thing

  • 2022-09-22

Starting today, it is possible to visit an exhibition that offers opportunities to learn more about health in Ülemiste City.

The goal of the newly opened exhibition is to raise the awareness of people of their health and offer the opportunity to acquire knowledge about ways to improve health. The outdoor exhibition runs along the walking meeting path and consists of six stands, each of which focuses on different components of health such as mental, physical, and social health.

Kadri Rannala, Director of the Estonian Health Museum, said that the last few years have added many sources of stress, such as information overload, false information, and uncertainty, especially about the future. ‘In addition, the lack of physical activity and excess weight of Estonian residents have been increasing. Thirdly, there is a clear shortage of qualified labour in Estonia. Taking care of the health of the employees is therefore in the interest of the employer – an employee with better mental and physical health is more productive and a caring employer has a stronger and more stable team,’ said Rannala.

Health promotion is beneficial if people are motivated to be more active, plan work and leisure time better, communicate with each other, and work on themselves. ‘We believe that the outdoor exhibition and the year-round walking meeting path will give a small boost to this and help the talents of Ülemiste City to be not only healthier but also happier,’ added Rannala.

Jelena Trumm, Head of Business Support and Administration at the Estonian branch of Nordea, said that the health exhibition is a great way to remind people that they should constantly take care of their health as it will keep them healthy and happy. ‘The walking meeting path is also a great and practical opportunity for people to be more active during the working day. We hope that the talents of Ülemiste City will make a habit of it and take exercise breaks at least once a day,’ said Trumm. She added that they have been recommending their employees to use the ‘Walk and Talk’ methodology for conducting meetings for a long time, and thanks to the walking meeting path, it has been made especially easy.

‘When the days are busy and the calendar is full of meetings, it is easy to forget that a small break does not mean that you will have less time – it might actually mean that you will have more of it. When we are well-rested, we usually make smarter decisions and choices than when we are tense and tired,’ added Trumm.

Kadi Pärnits, Chairman of the Management Board of Mainor AS, which manages Ülemiste City, said that the health exhibition presents their health model with practical advice on how to support physical and mental well-being. ‘The healthy model of Ülemiste City is characterised by a comprehensive health promotion system, which includes talents, employers, and service providers,’ said Pärnits. She said that we are ultimately responsible for our own health, but more and more responsibility also lies with companies that set an example through organisational culture. ‘The health exhibition on the walking meeting paths of Ülemiste City is educational and allows its visitors to be more active, but it is mainly a place where you can boost your spirit and communicate with each other – the social health of our talents is an important responsibility of us as an environment developer,’ added Pärnits.

The health exhibition has been completed as a collaborative project of Ülemiste City, the University of Tartu, and the Estonian Health Museum and is open to all interested people all year round next to the walking meeting path.

In Ülemiste City, the field of health is developed comprehensively to support the growth of the City and to follow the developments in health technology. Examples include various sports opportunities or the organisation of competitions, knowledge sharing, workshops, coaching, development of health services, and cooperation with scientists. Today, Ülemiste City has a health centre with 250 specialists. In a few years, however, there will be over 650 health specialists taking care of the health of the local community.

Ülemiste City, the largest business city in the Baltics, is being developed by the public limited companies Mainor, Mainor Ülemiste, and Technopolis Ülemiste. The 36 hectares of the city offer 150,000 square meters of office space, which is home to nearly 500 companies and where more than 14,000 people work, study, and live.