Akropole Maxima’s latest offer may affect availability

  • 2019-08-13
  • TBT Staff

The latest offer introduced at the Maxima XXX store in Akropole, which sees a range of popular products being offered at the lowest price in the market, may impact the short-term availability of some products in-store.

The changes could affect some specific, significantly discounted products in categories such as fresh chicken, pork, chilled salmon, champagne, seafood, prawns, beer, cheese, cured meat and select dairy products. Changes to the pricing policy will also apply to a selection of the most important household goods, including a range of cleaning products, dish soap, laundry detergent, and baby products.

To ensure maximum availability for as many Akropole Maxima XXX customers as possible, some products will be limited to 10 items per purchase.

“In less than six months since it opened, the Maxima XXX store at Akropole has become shoppers’ favourite large-format store in the Latvian Maxima chain. With our price reductions of up to 55% on the most popular everyday and special-occasion products, customers will be able to invest money they save towards other important items for themselves and their family. We will ensure that our prices will be the lowest in Latvia on specific products. We are thankful to customers for their understanding, and apologise in advance if this price reduction offer causes any inconvenience to Akropole shoppers regarding availability,” explains Maxima Latvija Board Member Viktors Troicins.

As part of this wave of price reductions, Paldies loyalty card users will be offered the lowest price in Latvia on a range of favourite branded products.

The assortment of reduced-price products includes the most in-demand locally-produced products such as Kārums cottage cheese treats; Ķekava chicken breasts; Valmiermuiža beer; Baltais Eko organic yoghurt; 480g packages of Ekselence ice cream; Limbažu milk; fresh, Latvian-grown cucumbers and tomatoes; Latvia’s favourite celebration cake, Cielaviņa; and many others.

In addition, the limited amount of products with significant price reductions offered at the Akropole Maxima includes premium products such as Veuve Clicquot Brut champagne, king prawns, chilled salmon, hard cheeses and cured sausages, as well as a range of other premium goods.

Before reducing prices, Maxima conducted careful analysis to identify the product categories and groups most favoured by shoppers and most likely to be placed in shopping baskets every day and on special occasions.