A Weekend Guide to Make the Best of Arizona

  • 2022-11-18

Home to the Grand Canyon, Arizona is home to one of the most unique canyons in the world. Situated between California and New Mexico, the state also features a wide range of climatic conditions, diverse cultures, a wide variety of terrains and ethnicities.

Although Arizona is too big to be explored fully on a weekend, we have a meticulously planned weekend guide to help explore the most stunning aspects of it.

1. Grand Canyon National Park

One of the seven wonders of the world, with a length of over 270 miles along the Colorado river and a stunning width of 18 miles, the Grand Canyon is definitely a marvel to behold. Due to its sheer magnitude, however, you’ll find it hard to extensively explore it in a short period of time. Below, you’ll find the travel itinerary for your visit to the Grand Canyon below.

For loads of view points, hotels and services, you should visit the southern rim of the canyon. The west, nevertheless, attracts nearly as many tourists solely thanks to the glass tray Grand Canyon skywalk. The skywalk, located at a height of 4000 feet above the canyon, allows you to have a 360 degrees sweeping view of the canyon.

This isn’t all that this side has to offer. The beautiful North rim mountains, located on an altitude of more than 1000 feet, are also worth the trek. Mostly covered with snow, this is a perfect place for people who like serenity.

For photography enthusiasts, true beauty falls onto the Grand Canyon during the sunrises and sunsets over the canyon. Not only do these times maximize the beauty of the canyon itself but also boast a mesmerizing picture perfect sky.

2. Horseshoe bend

Attracting over 2 million tourists annually, the iconic scenery of Horseshoe bend is truly spectacular. Situated on a 4 hour drive from Phoenix, it is also a popular tourist spot due to its ideal location.

Plus, an idyllic drive to the site doesn’t hurt, does it? Tourists often go to this magical bend in the Colorado river for a calm and soothing break.

3. Antelope canyon 

Located near the Horseshoe bend, you must not forget to visit the Antelope Canyon. The upper and lower sections of this canyon are equally fascinating. Particularly, the sunlight illuminating the inside of the canyon through the water-carved sandstones in its roof is a sight you'll never forget.

Those of you looking for a shorter and smoother hike must only visit the upper section of the canyon. The ones who are ready to go the extra mile, and want an adventurous experience, should include the tranquility of the lower section as well. 

4. Saguaro National Park

The only home to the Saguaro Cactus, Saguaro National Park will definitely ensure a memorable weekend tour. This tourist spot offers you short walks throughout the park and the hike is surprisingly smooth and effortless for most visitors.

Saguaro is divided into eastern and western sections, based on the concentration of Saguaro cacti. Tucson mountain district, the western segment of the park has a denser concentration of cacti and is more often visited than the eastern. Rincon Mountain district, the eastern segment of the park, offers an equally peaceful experience, with a charm of its own.

5. Phoenix Downtown

The most vibrant city of the state, Phoenix, is also the State’s capital and as soon as Friday night approaches, the fun in the city begins. Sports arenas, art galleries, museums, rooftop bars, live music, and whatnot, Phoenix has it all.

For foodies, there are over 200 world-class restaurants in the city, with Pizzeria Bianco known to be the best pizza shop in town. Similarly, the Bar Smith dance floor is the best place to party while while Hotel San Carlos, boasting a distinct world-class elegance, is the best hotel in the town

If you are sporty, remember to make a stop at Talking Stick Resort Arena. Home to the Phoenix Suns, this is where people go to watch live sporting events.

6. Phoenix-Suns' game

Last but not the least, the Phoenix Suns' game in the Footprint Center on every alternate week, which is an event you can not miss on your weekend in Arizona. Not a basketball fan? You’ll become one after attending a Suns’ game.

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