A quick guide on how to choose the best online sportsbook in New York

  • 2022-07-29

If you’re new to the world of online sports betting, you might be overwhelmed with the amount of sportsbooks at your disposal. Today, we’re going to go through all you need to know about placing sports bets online in NewYork and how to get the most out of your betting experience!

Narrow down what you’re looking for

The kind of sportsbook you choose depends on what you’re after. Do you want to bet on one or more events at the same time? Are you interested in betting full-time or just as a side hobby? Do you want to bet on just one sport or on different games?

Knowing what you want will narrow down the search!


Now that you know the basics of what you’re looking for, it’s time to dig deeper.

If you want to bet on every game in the season, then you need to find a sportsbook that allows you to do that. If a sportsbook has restrictions on how many games you can bet on, then that’s definitely not the one for you.

Moreover, if you want to use PayPal or cryptocurrency to fund your account, you need to check if the sportsbook allows that type of payment method.

If you want to gamble online on your favourite teams in NY, then you have to choose a sportsbook according to what you’re after, that will be regulated and notable.

Pro tip: don’t choose a sportsbook even if it doesn’t have all the requirements you’re after because you’ll “probably be OK with it in the long run”. If you know from now that you want to bet on every game in the season and use Bitcoin as your payment method, then find a sportsbook that meets your requirements.

Read Reviewers

What’s the first thing you do when trying out a new restaurant? You check their reviews. You read their 5 star reviews to see what customers absolutely love about their service, but also check their 3, 2, and 1 star reviews. You’re curious to see why the restaurant got a low rating and if the staff had taken it upon themselves to adjust their service accordingly. 

Same goes when choosing a sportsbook. Look at the reviews and see how the company handled the bad reviews. Did they ignore it and didn’t change their service? Did they get angry at the customer for the low rating? Did they apologise and fix their service so that it wouldn’t happen again?


In today’s world, a lot of sites are easy to use and navigate through. However, you might stumble on the occasional sportsbook that it feels like you need a PhD to sort through it. If it takes you hours to create an account and more time to figure out how and where to place bets, chances are, you’re better off choosing another sportsbook. 

Mobile Betting

Being able to place bets from your phone provides you with a certain level of convenience. All you need to place bets is your phone and an internet connection. Sure, some people use their free time to create paintings out of DNA, but if you’re at the bar with your friends and feeling lucky, then whip out your phone and start betting!

Imagine how quicker time would pass while you’re waiting in the dentist’s office. 

Bonuses and VIP memberships

When we talk about bonuses and promotions, we don’t mean sites that give out free teddy bears or t-shirts. We’re talking about sportsbooks who give members a welcome bonus when they sign up or free bets and free cash.

Secondly, the promotions need to be easy to qualify for. Of course there have to be certain limitations and restrictions, but these don’t have to be complicated to understand and attain.

Lastly, who doesn’t love being treated like a VIP? While you won’t be Gigi Hadid hugging a shirtless David Beckham on a yacht, you’ll still feel like a star!

Be in the chance to receive exclusive deals and promos when signing up!

Pro tip: don’t miss out on one of the best sportsbooks you could find just because another site offers a higher welcome bonus or more promotions. While everyone enjoys freebies, it’s important not to base your decision solely on them. Instead, if you’re stuck between two equally great sportsbooks, then you can let the bonuses decide the winner!


Last but certainly not the least important, make sure the website is secured. You’re going to be giving the sportsbook your personal and financial information so check to see if the website is using site encryption, if the banks they are using are up to industry standard, and if their security team constantly updates the site to limit the risk of viruses and threats.

It’s your money on the line, so make sure it’s safe!

Article Takeaway

Always conduct thorough research on the sportsbook you decide to choose. You don’t want to sign up then realise it doesn’t offer you what you’re looking for or the site is actually a scam.