A new bank is founded in Estonia as Liisi leasing becomes Holm Bank

  • 2019-04-04
  • TBT Staff

TALLINN - A credit institution licence was yesterday issued to Holm Bank, a new bank based on Estonian capital and the successor to the lease company Liisi, run by Koduliising AS.

The owner of Holm Bank is Arne Veske, who founded Koduliising in Haapsalu. “We’ve been operating in Haapsalu for 23 years and we have served all of Estonia from there,” he said. “Our 1100 partners have more than 2000 points of sale and we’ve been very happy to work with them and we are excited that we can now offer an even wider variety of services. We would also like to thank all of our 350,000 clients, who now have many new things to look forward to.”

The Chairman of the Board of Holm Bank, Kaido Veske, explained that “Holm Bank, formerly Koduliising, is a family business. It was led by Arne Veske for a long time, and from 2012 my sister Kelly Veske has been responsible for development. Being a family business lets us take a calmer, long-term strategic approach.”

The bank is today led by Indrek Julge, who has a 20-year record in banking. “The bank will continue to offer all the popular services that were previously offered under the Liisi brand. These are predominantly leases, micro-credit and credit cards. Alongside these we will introduce deposits and a range of services for small businesses,” he said.

Holm is the first financial institution in Estonia to have its licence issued by the European Central Bank. Being able to accept deposits will help the company to grow further. The high level of technology in the Estonian banking sector provides a foundation for it to expand to other European states.