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  • 2021-09-30

DECTA is a global processing company designed to create end-to-end payment processing solutions for people and growing organizations all over the world. Whether you’re facing an issue with payment processing, or facing some trouble with the bank, we will be there to help you.

As an organization, we aim to provide our businesses a wide variety of products. One of our most treasured products is the White Label Payment Gateway for FinTechs. The White Label Payment Gateway allows you to accept payments and reduce the amount of technical resources required. It gives the organization complete control over the brand name, along with complete technical support from DECTA whenever you need it.

Sometimes, it can prove to be difficult to accept and process full-time payments to your clients. We make this easier with our carefully curated payment processing systems and connections to Visa and Mastercard to make payment processing more convenient and hassle-free. The White Label Payment Gateway is a ready-to-market product that is just missing your brand name. Allow us to help your company solve several technical processing problems by providing you with the best available IT resources. Furthermore, as people might be reluctant to pay in a new website, it important to provide various payment methods. DECTA can integrate multiple payment systems such as PayPal, Apple Pay and many more so that your business can provide various checkout options.

To integrate Payment Gateway your company can set up timely payment methods that are usually too expensive. But not with our product. We can help you create a sustainable model of payments that are not costly or difficult to maintain. We will help you continuously monitor the infrastructure so as to make sure it doesn’t collapse at any time and is compliant with all regulations.

Furthermore, our product helps companies with complicated automation for customer onboarding. Not only will we help you with compliance procedures, but also manage as many payment procedures as you need.

If you would like to have a look at an example of our expertise, here’s one - Novatti Group Limited. Novatti is one of the most well-regarded digital bank organizations. Their core purpose is to make payments easy and fast while maintaining their client’s security and keeping sensitive information safe.

Novatti is a principal member of Visa. They have been issuing and processing both physical and digital cards for quite some time now. During their time with us, we helped them process payments smoothly by avoiding any technical problems. To be more specific, our company was helping Novatti with leveraging anti-fraud and prepaid card payments by making sure that their customer’s experience was free of problems.

The novel Coronavirus provided us with the gift of virtual solutions. Keeping this in mind, the best move for Novatti was to provide digital solutions to their clients, especially when it came to e-ommerce. Offering e-commerce payment solutions to their clients gave them a high ground in the market.

We have been a trusted source of help for Novatti throughout this procedure.

Peter Cook, Group CEO says: “As a leading payments and services provider, we work closely with our partners to provide high-end solutions within a quick timeframe. DECTA is a trustworthy partner that provided an advanced solution to meet our needs. Having a ready-made product with the latest technologies increases the speed of the launch. We are happy with our collaboration with DECTA and looking forward to working closely together on more projects.”

Apart from the White Label Payment Gateway, we also provide several other payment solutions to help your business grow stronger than ever. Learn more on https://www.decta.com/ and feel free to contact us via e-mail: [email protected]