A Deep Dive into Online Gambling in Europe

  • 2023-03-02

Online Gambling in Europe: Popular Sports and How to Bet

Europe has been a gambling hub for thousands of years. It’s widely believed that the ancient Greeks introduced sports betting, which the Romans later adopted. Betting still prevails as one of Europeans' most popular pastime activities.

In case you’re looking for a reliable sportsbook.eu options, we’ve got you covered. We dove deeper into the topic to explain the overall scale of online gambling on the continent.

Is Online Gambling Legal in Europe?

For the most part, the answer is yes. It’s “for the most part” because Europe is made up of 44 different countries, all having other legal frameworks. So, it’s impossible to regard online gambling as “legal” or “illegal” without going into the specifics of the legislation.

Most countries allow gambling to some degree. The UK (although not part of the EU), for example, allows all forms of online gambling. Conversely, Germany imposes stringent laws to regulate online sports betting and casino games. All sorts of betting except for horse racing betting is banned in Germany!

Not only that, but all countries have their regulatory bodies. In the UK, both online and offline gambling is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. In Sweden, it’s the Swedish Gaming Authority (Spelinspektionen). And in Germany, it’s Gemeinsame Glücksspielbehörde der Länder (GGL).

The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) oversees these regulatory bodies and coordinates different bills. It’s very active in safeguarding consumers against fraud and takes strict measures to protect vulnerable groups, such as minors, from exposure to gambling.

What Are the Most Popular Sports for Betting in Europe?

Next, we regard the sports that Europeans like to bet on. He can think of a few different sports that he has seen people enjoy the most.

1. Football

Football, also known as soccer in the Western world, is the most popular sport for following and betting. It’s true for the rest of the world too. All online betting sites you access from European countries offer football, usually the most popular sport.

The good thing about football betting is that there are always some tournaments to bet on. The English Premier League is undoubtedly the most popular event, thanks to high-voltage team pairings. Then you have the UEFA Champions League, the European Cup, Europa League, etc.

Whenever you sign into your betting account to bet on football, hundreds of per-match and live markets will await you. And if you’re lucky, you can claim exclusive promotions like odds boost or bet insurance for high-voltage matches.

2. Tennis

The Wimbledon and the French Open (Roland Garros) may be the driving force behind the popularity of tennis as a sport. Historians believe tennis originated in northern France, giving it a European heritage.

Tennis betting is pretty standard across European online betting sites. You have 4 Grand Slams events to bet on every pair and all the lower-tier competitions throughout the year. It is impossible to find such an online bookmaker that does not offer tennis.

3. Basketball

Basketball is yet another European game bettor is crazy about. It’s primarily the NBA, WNBA, and NCAA that get the most traction. But other prominent events like the FIBA World Cup are also widely accepted by bettors.

As it happens, basketball is a viral game among teenagers and young adults. The participation of parents in school and college-level tournaments is a massive catalyst behind the popularity of basketball for betting.

4. Horse Racing

Almost all EU countries have race tracks as betting parlours on the premises. Specifically, Europe has a long horse racing story in Great Britain. So, it only makes sense that horse racing is one of the most popular sports for betting on the continent.

If you’re not sure which horse races to target, you may want to look at the following:

- The Kentucky Derby,

- Melbourne Cup,

- Golf Cup at Ascot,

- Belmont Stakes,

- Dubai World Cup

How to Find the Best Betting Sites in Europe?

We decided to check the link at the beginning of this post. This is a page on the BetZillion site that lists the best European betting sites!

At the same time, we wanted you to be able to pick the best site for yourself independently. He says you should be careful and mindful of the aspects discussed below.

License from the Appropriate Authority

Every EU country has its own regulatory body. Before you sign up for any betting site, you must check the license. In the UK, for example, the license must be from UKGC. In Ireland, it must be from the Irish Revenue Commissioner.

You can find the licensing information in the footer section of most gambling sites. And if you’re not sure which organisation regulates gambling in your country, look that up before anything else.

A Good Selection of Payment Methods

After you know the license, you must sign up and deposit money to start betting. And to deposit, you need payment methods that work. It means you’ll need to check the available plans before signing up.

Responsive Customer Support

Customer support at online betting sites doesn’t get the attention it deserves. It’s because bettors don’t realise the need unless they face issues. By then, it’s often too late. So, he strongly recommends testing customer support before committing any real money.

Final Words

Gambling traces back thousands of years in European history. It hasn’t changed a bit in the modern world. Just the medium to place money on sports outcomes has changed. In this material we have explained the overall picture of European online gambling.