5 video games every non-gamer should try

  • 2022-10-04

If you aren’t a gamer and don’t have a lot of friends that play, the world of gaming can seem impenetrable. Listening in on gamers talking about gaming doesn’t help either. If you have even a passing interest in gaming it can be hard to decide what games to try, with so many different options out there. What kind of game will you even like? There are role-playing games, open world games, web 3 gaming and racing games, just to name a few. These decisions can all be overwhelming for a newbie. However, it’s best to start your gaming discovery with some tried and true games that are guaranteed not to disappoint. Here are 5 that every newbie gamer should try at least once.

Angry Birds - Upon its initial release, Angry Birds quickly became a worldwide phenomenon. It’s one of the most beloved and most accessible games to come out in recent years. With no story line and simple mechanics, Angry birds became the go-to game for anyone with time on their hands. The game allows the player to launch birds into the air at pigs and their structures. The game itself is lots of fun and isn’t at all difficult to get the hang of.

Platform(s): iPhone, Android

Animal Crossing: New Horizons - This game is an easy-going simulation where players make friends, build homes and enjoy life. The game features a fresh but adorable art style and its own standout soundtrack. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons you’ll have fun visiting friends’ islands, landscaping your own island, making furniture or even playing the stock market. One great thing about this game is that you don’t need to play for hours upon hours a day in order to have fun. Checking in once a day is more than enough for you to get your fix.

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch

Forza Horizon 5 - If you’re an adrenaline junkie in real life or you’re just looking for something a little more fast-paced, Forza Horizon 5 might be the ticket. This game allows you to have fun while racing a variety of vehicles throughout the gorgeous Mexican scenery. The game keeps things interesting by interspersing exhibitions with the regular racing. Players might suddenly find themselves hurled out of a plane, racing against dirt bikes or even hurtling down the slope of a volcano. Luckily, with Forza Horizon 5 you can change the difficulty level to keep you engaged.

Platform(s): PC, XBox

Civilization VI - If you think you would prefer a game that is less hectic and requires more strategizing, you may want to take a look at Civilization VI. This is the latest chapter in the much-loved Civilization series. This game will have you taking turns with other players as you grow a civilization from early settlers up to world domination. Civilization VI will demand from you your best strategizing instincts as you shuffle between a variety of options from diplomacy to all-out war.

Platform(s): PC/Mac, Switch, iOS, Android and more.

Switch Sports - Do you need a little bit more interaction than sitting and holding a controller? You may want to consider a game like Switch Sports. With Wii Sports becoming a huge success, this next iteration captures the same magic. Switch Sports offers classics like tennis alongside newer ones like soccer, volleyball and badminton. Golf will also become available for free in the latter part of 2022.