5 Best Ways of Adding Your Business Logos to Videos

  • 2022-01-25

Logos can be found everywhere. In addition to serving as a visual representation of your brand, your logo also serves as a visual representation of its essence. It also helps to increase the visibility of your branding efforts and to make your films stand out from the crowd.

Video is a crucial component of any marketing strategy or campaign. Take your time, though; when you create films to post on your website or social media accounts, you want to ensure that they accurately represent your company.

That is why, in this article, we will show you the best ways of doing just that! 

Choose The Right Position

In videos, logos are usually positioned in the lower right corner. When it comes to generating videos for social media, though, the situation is a little more complicated. We recommend that you place your logo in one of the upper corners of the page. 

Due to the fact that subtitles might be obscuring your logo, it should remain in the left or right upper corner of the video as a static image throughout the movie to remind viewers of your brand's identity.

What Is The Right Size?

It's best to err on the side of caution with regard to the size of your logo. The size of your logo should be kept to a minimum so that it does not interfere with the content or obscure the visibility of your shots. On the other hand, it should not be so little that it is overlooked, or so unreadable, unclear, or difficult to read that it is difficult to understand.

The size of the logo file should be at least 800 × 800 pixels for use in video software across all quality formats. Keep this in mind when using an MKV-to-MP4 converter online like Leawo, WinXDVD, or Fonepaw.

Keep in mind that viewers are watching your video for the information it contains. In order for them to take away crucial thoughts and take action, it is important that your content takes center stage rather than your brand. For example, if you are spreading the word about the many new support schemes for businesses, that should be the focus.

To Color or Not To Color

Using a logo with a lot of various colors in a video might be difficult since it can be difficult to make it apparent in all of the different angles. Maintain a single color or a black and white rendition of your logo for the most effective results. Test several versions of your video over its duration to check that it is visible in all shots, regardless of how dark or dim they are.

You can use a colored logo if you want, but you need to scale it down to a small size and adjust its transparency. Common practice is anywhere from 65 percent to 90 percent opacity.

Choosing The Right Format For The Job

PNGs, JPGs, and GIFs are the three types of logo file formats that can be used in a video: PNG, JPG, and GIF. Because the logo will be put on top of graphics in videos, you'll need a logo file with a transparent backdrop to use with them. You might want to use a PNG file for the following reasons:

- When images are compressed and decompressed, there is no degradation in image quality.

- They are capable of displaying millions of colors.

- They are compatible with translucent backgrounds.

- Background with a transparent logo

GIF files are best suited for line art with sharp edges, such as logos, and only a limited amount of colors, such as banners. They are also  recommended since their image quality is not compromised when they are compressed and decompressed.

When And How To Use Logos

You’ll want to have your logo do different things when used in different places. In this section, we will highlight two of the areas where you might be using your logo most.

Social Media Videos

First impressions are critical in today's congested social media markets when people have shorter attention spans than ever before. The opening three seconds of a social video are quite valuable, so convey your point as quickly as possible. For example, when spreading the word about a new place to capitalize on, sell it with the first couple of sentences.

Once you have the audience's attention, use your logo to quietly communicate who you are to them. Keep it simple and put it in the top or bottom corner of the video to make it easier to read. Remember that the opener is not about showcasing your brand in a large and spectacular manner; rather, it is about engaging your audience right away.

Product Demos

When creating videos for purposes other than social media, such as product demos or as a supplement to a live presentation, it's important to establish your brand identity right away to avoid confusion. Make your video stand out by placing your logo in the foreground and centering it at a medium size. You can also develop a logo animation that is unique to you.

For continuity, include your logo at the end of the video with a similar effect to the one used in the beginning. Keep in mind to include a call to action at the end of your video or in the outro, such as inviting the viewer to learn more by visiting your website. Consider your company's goals and how a video can help you achieve them more effectively.


Now that you know how best to optimize your business logos for use in videos, you are now armed with everything you need to drive sales up for your company. This is something you’ll need, given the state of the world all around. Make use of every opportunity and pave your way to success!