5 Best Activities to Be Part of in College That Will Be Helpful in Your Career

  • 2023-05-30

Getting a job as a fresh graduate isn’t a walk in the park. You’ll find that most jobs for fresh graduates will require some experience before you’re even considered for the placement. It seems contradictory, but that’s how the employment sector is nowadays. But don’t fret! There exist many activities that you can undertake to boost your CV and showcase that you have the capabilities that employers are seeking. We’ve compiled a list of great ones so you can pick the most practical one based on what you enjoy doing or other factors related to your college studies.

Part-Time Work

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Working part-time while in school doesn’t get old. It’s a renowned method that will greatly uplift your resume while, at the same time, giving you some extra cash to pay for essay and cater to other expenses to make your college life smooth. The work experience you acquire from college part-time jobs helps demonstrate to employers that you are familiar with work ethic and professional work environment. Moreover, most part-time roles require working as a team, communicating with others, and controlling your time; all these will look great on your CV. It also showcases the capability of being self-responsible by supporting yourself and earning money, a skill employers seek from applicants.

Community Service and Volunteering

Community service and volunteering show that you are mindful of the world around you. Thus, having a volunteer experience on your resume indicates to the employer that you aren’t afraid to commit to something and are ready to contribute to a cause you believe in. Moreover, like a part-time job experience, volunteering gives you the opportunity to expand your skillset and displays dedication, the capability to work in a team, and good communication.


Another classic extracurricular that will be great on your resume as a fresh graduate is clubs. Clubs serve as meeting places where collegians gather to increase and put into practice the knowledge gained from the class. Besides, they offer a chance to self-manage and grow a broad range of abilities that’ll be useful in a professional future, such as leadership, excellent communication, collaboration, problem-solving, and critical thinking. Thus, being involved in clubs will show possible employers that you are more than just an outgoing individual.