Wine & Dine Guide

  • 2016-12-14

Art Priori, Tallinn

From the moment you step through the door at Art Priori you’re in for a treat. At Art Priori, high-level art is elegantly combined with excellent food. The restaurant’s interior has been executed according to special creative projects in the spirit of Gothic architecture characteristic of Tallinn. Ideas of the old world are linked with the new in a modern way. With paintings from the 15th century hanging on the walls to the modern fixtures, the style here blends contemporary with classic and the attention to detail is truly satisfying.

Many upscale restaurants tend to leave a feeling that you really didn’t get enough value for the money — well, this isn’t one of them. From the copious amounts of homemade bread (with spiced butter), complimentary pate, the unique presentation of all menu items, and their excellent service — this restaurant truly stands out in its category.
Charcoal and ash seem to be a theme here and indeed it also adds to the unique earthiness of this fine-dining experience. Art Priori has three separate dining halls — high-value original art is exhibited in each of them. Paintings from the past up to contemporary times offer intellectual and aesthetic experiences that accompany the delicious food like refined gourmet.

The restaurant’s open kitchen is highly modern, boasting also open fire — a grill on which most of Art Priori’s artistic dishes receive their final touch. The latest Nordic food trends are followed with the focus primarily on fresh seasonal produce; herbs are grown on the spot and half of the menu consists of vegetarian dishes. The most important aspect is the healthy and harmonious combination of all ingredients on the plate. The kitchen is inspired by pure flavours and the best qualities of each product.

One of the best restaurants in Tallinn is open from Monday to Saturday, so if you crave fine dining at a high level in Tallinn, make your way to Art Priori at 7 Olevimagi. To book a table please visit the restaurant’s webpage, call +372 600 33 53 or email at [email protected]