Ukrainian society will not accept any kinds of compromises with Russia at the moment - political expert

  • 2022-05-20
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Ukrainian society will not accept any compromise in regards to Russia at the moment, political scientist Karlis Dauksts told LETA.

He also emphasized that a relatively difficult diplomatic situation began to emerge around Ukraine recently. French President Emmanuel Macron's offer not to push Russian President Vladimir Putin in corner and let him "keep face" has caused quite a stir. In addition, key commentators in major US publications have expressed similar views on the need to find diplomatic solutions with Putin.

In Dauksts' opinion, three possible directions are currently being formed. The first is to find a way to diplomatic reconciliation, the second is to "push" Russia out of Ukraine, both diplomatically and by isolating Russia from the rest of the world, as well as tightening sanctions. The third direction - the Ukrainians defeat Russia on their territory and ensure the sovereignty of the entire territory of Ukraine.

The political scientist acknowledged that it is currently impossible to say which of the above directions is the most viable, however, the fact that the Western position towards Ukraine has changed slightly is an additional concern. Therefore, according to Dauksts, the suspension or continuation of any negotiations for the Ukrainians will also depend on the position and views of the international community.

Dauksts emphasized that it should not be forgotten that Ukraine is very heavily dependent on Western aid. Nor can the importance of military assistance be denied.

However, a position is beginning to take shape in the West and calls are being made for Ukraine to seek diplomatic solutions with Russia.

"All three directions are, in fact, on the table and are being talked about, but I do not think that will be possible, because Ukrainian society will not accept any compromises in its relations with Russia. Ukrainians have every reason to take such a position, because they are strong enough to address all these issues on the battlefield," said the political scientist.